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Desiring to fix a brokbroken relationship will require the combined efforts of you and your partner. You need to make your partner see that fixing the relationship can work and encourage them to fight for the relationship.

But, how do you know your relationship is broken and needs to be fixed? You need to identify the signs of a broken relationship to help you know how to fix it. 

 What are the signs of a broken relationship?

The signs of a broken relationship are clear enough for you to identify, some of them include the following: 

  1. Frequent argument
  2. Spending less time together
  3. Unhappiness
  4. Disrespect
  5. Lack of communication
  6. No value for intimacy
  7. Absence of Love and care
  8. Compromised Values
  9. No regard for commitment
  10. Dishonesty
  11. Distrust
  12. Resentment
  13. And all the many things that exist in the relationship that doesn’t make it enjoyable. These are signs that although your relationship still exists, it has several cracks on the wall. So, the question is, do you want to fix the wall or destroy the wall. If you want to destroy the wall, because it can’t be fixed, then see our post on how to quit a relationship, but if you want to fix it, follow me closely as I show you how to fix the wall of your broken relationship.


Having considered the signs of a broken relationship, the following steps can be followed to fix it:

1. Go back to the basics: 

To fix a brokbroken relationship, you will have to start by addressing the factors that made the relationship broken in the first place. Take time to go back to memory lane, examine the good times and the time when things turned sore. Make a note of the behaviors and actions that brought you and your partner to this point. This will help you to avoid similar mistakes and help you restrategize with foresight.

2. Pay attention and communicate:

Now, that you know the causes of the hole in your relationship, you need to learn to pay attention to yourself and your partner. You need to speak properly and understand properly. Watch your tone and listen to the tone of your partner. Understand your partner’s love language and speak it. Be intentional about rewriting every wrong. It could be that your relationship went wrong because you both were communicating wrongly, look into it and fix it. Don’t just talk, communicate!! and avoid copying your friend’s relationship, because your relationship is peculiar to you.

3. Build Trust:

An attribute of a broken relationship is a lack of trust. So, fixing the broken relationship will require that you and your partner prioritize building trust again. Could the reason for the lack of trust be the past unfaithfulness of a partner, you both can sit and talk things out. Your partner must be willing to commit him/herself totally to you and stay faithful to what you both share. It may be hard to build trust again but it is possible.

4. Be Accountable:

Take full responsibility for every word and action of yours. Quit the blame game, stand up to your actions and apologize. If you can get tired of a colleague who likes to shift the blame to others, just imagine how your partner will feel when you keep shifting blames every time. This little thing could be the reason why your relationship went sore previously, you can decide to stand up to your actions, apologize and reconcile with your partner

5. Let Go of the past:

The past hurts, anger, and unfaithfulness will crawl back into your relationship if you are not careful. You will have to deliberately live the past mistakes that led to your broken relationship in the past. I know it might not be easy, but you can’t move forward when you are tied to your past. Allow yourself to heal and exact your energy into fixing your broken relationship.

6. Spend time Together:

Fixing a broken relationship is like building a new relationship. So, you will need to spend time together and fall in love with each other again. Prioritize spending quality time with your partner, learn to value and cherish them again. Play games, see a movie, read a book, sing, dance, pray, and finish a project together. Staying together helps you bond better with your partner again.

7. Cherish Good Memories:

To fix a brokbroken relationship, you need to walk through the great memories you and your partner share. Those times when you both were all loved up, the good laughs and the amazing treats, think and talk about them together. It will bring the consciousness that you both can make things work again.

As you make efforts to fix your broken relationship, show love, concern, and genuine compassion for one another. Avoid conversations that could be a breeding ground for conflicts and talk with your partner. Remember, fixing your broken relationship will require the conscious efforts of you and your partner


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