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How To Enjoy Awkward Moments

Awkward moments are part of life and if you haven’t suffered or begin a victim of any of the moments below, you my friend live in Mars or probably Jupiter. These moments will come and its best you learn how to enjoy awkward moments.

Sometimes your experience is so darn embarrassing that you wish the ground will open and swallow you up in one piece. As if paid to cooperate with the scene that is punching you in the face, the ground usually refuses, don’t mind old bugger, it’s as loyal as Judas.

No matter how cool you are, or you take them, you can’t laugh your way of  this ones, you are screwed, a gentle smile or laughter will only complicate matters.

This post is focused on those crazy moments or experiences that turned our cheeks red not in the boy sick teenager kind of way but in the full bloom embarrassment.

If you relate to any of them, please let me know in the comments.

1. Oh, it’s Not Him!

So you have seen your friend from behind and hurriedly you quickened your pace to meet him. You have even pulled him aside or made a wicked side joke about how his head looks like a farmers hoe only to discover HE IS NOT THE PERSON YOU THINK HE WAS! He is a totally stranger!


You grin like an idiot and start apologizing. What an embarrassment.

I witnessed this real life. It was in a bar and a premier league was on. The man entered from the rare door and caught his “friend” in the front seat. He didn’t even confirm if he was him, he removed his cap and stuck it on his head!

Only when he turned around did he realize he had made a terrible mistake.

2. It’s Inside Out Mister!

So you hurriedly got out of the house this morning scrambling on a shirt. You have gone to all your appointments in the day wearing that shirt. You noticed that people were looking at you in a weird kind of way, but it didn’t click in your head why. You must be good looking. Ah, keep kidding yourself.

It’s in at the end of the day, when you looked at the mirror and realized you have been wearing your shirt inside out.

Holy Crap!

And no one was so generous to have told you. They must have made fun of you everywhere you went to that day. You have been the object of ridicule.

3. Crossing Paths With Another Person

So you are walking down an ally and suddenly someone else appears on the other end. You are walking towards and he was too. Now you are facing each other two feet from each other. He moved to the right then you moved to the right too. You crossed each other. He moved to the left but you checkmated him again on the left.

Well, this is awkward.

Then you waited, hoping he would move while you won’t. But bullocks, he was there with you too, waiting if you would make the first move.

You moved again and look your “marker” is right there in front of you again.


How do you get our of this now?

4. He’s Not Waving At You!

So you were sitting at the park, minding your own business. Then show up our misery man. He looked at you and smiled. Then out comes the hand waving like the American flag. A strange simple played on your face then gradually like a crane your hand went up and you waved.

Oh, oh.

Out from behind your back, the real person the stranger was waving out appeared. You looked stupid. To add insult on your injury, they saw what happened to you and they smiled to try to douse some of the embarrassment.

It doesn’t work, you are still screwed. Don’t fret, learn how to enjoy awkward moments?

5. Hanging Hands Of Awkwardness

Nothing is so embarrassing like a hand let to hang instead of shaking another. So you’ve met this girl or man that you want to know better. But they are not interested in doing that. So you act smooth and with confidence in your heart walked up to him or her and let out your beautiful hand.

They only looked at your offer of friendship and moved away letting you hang.

Ouch! Learn to enjoy awkward moments!

You wish the ground will open and you will disappear in it. But remember, the old bugger doesn’t care so much about human beings. If you can you will blush several times over.

6. And We All Go Down

Have you ever fallen down the stairs, sure, some have, when the were young and very troublesome. But I am taking about felling down the stairs as a adult in the front of colleagues, friend and foes. So you were going down the stars in an hurry, trying to deliver something to your boss.

You misjudged your step and miss the next stairs, your missed and tumbled down the unforgiven steps. No matter how sympathetic the others are, you will still feel embarrassed.

7. Let A Big One Loose

Everyone does it, it depends on how you handle it. We all fart in public. But what happens when you miscalculated and let out a bomb so hard it could destroy Hiroshima?

You grin stupidly and wished people around were deaf and dead with their nose. Both cases are not going to open.

The awkwardness takes words off your mouth and you only smile on totally embarrassment.

8. It’s The Wrong Bathroom, Mate

I am guilty of these once or twice. So you wandered absent minded into the female bathroom. You have even entered one of the toilet to do your business before some person screamed on you. Shocked you jump outside with your zip still open.

9. Wear And Tear

Have your cloths ever torn in public? Oh, it has! Okay you know exactly what I am talking about! So you are scaling the road in unimaginable strides and as you crossed the gutter…..


Your trousers tears along the seams.

Oh let’s play another scene. You are on a minute of boards, wearing a super tight skirt. As you are gesticulating for maximum action, your skirt ruptures badly.

Oh, Man. Learn to enjoy awkward moments


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