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Among working professionals, the common element is how to achieve financial freedom. This common element is their ability to move from a decent salary to earning a lucrative income. An income that gives you a decent lifestyle is known as a decent salary, and a decent lifestyle is a lifestyle that is comfortable in the present.
When professionals are talking about having a decent income, actually they are talking about their present income. And with it, they can easily pay their bills without any financial stress. A decent salary is heavily invested to maintain life today.
While a lucrative income is heavily invested in preserving life today and in the future. Lucrative income is focused on keeping and growing income for the days when salary won’t be coming any longer and the best time to prepare is now. While the worst time to prepare is in the future because becoming wise in the future will not do you any good.
The question is, how do you create your own lucrative income?

1. Create a Position for a Decent Lifestyle

First, define what a decent lifestyle is for you and there are two forms of decent lifestyles. And there are financial freedom decent lifestyle and financial slavery decent lifestyle. The financial freedom decent lifestyle meets your basic needs and yet helps to preserve a big part of your income. While financial slavery decent lifestyle sacrifices your savings.
For you to achieve financial freedom, then you must choose a financial freedom decent lifestyle. It’s the only lifestyle that can lead to financial freedom. The reason is that saving a big part of your income can give you the financial freedom you need.

2. Increase your Earning Capacity

The fastest way for you to create a lucrative income is to earn more income. To be able to earn more income, then you must increase your earning capacity beyond what it is right now. And to increase your earning capacity means you must increase your ability to solve high-income problems because you make money when you solve problems for other people. For you to solve high-income problems, then you need four key elements. And the four elements include:

3. Lucrative Income

There’s a need to understand that a lucrative income is an income that is much bigger than the workload. An income you can earn working less while earning more. This income is much more needed to supplement your already heavy workload. There are six things that you must do to be able to earn a lucrative income:
The first thing for you to do is to learn sales. Learn how to sell yourself, your message, and your ideas to other people.
Second, you must choose the right industry. You need to understand that not all industries are created equal or have the same capacity to produce millionaires.
Third, choose the right company. Not all companies within the same niche offer the same benefits.
Fourth, choose the right products and services. To successfully earn a high income depends on your ability to sell.
Fifth, join a platform that offers a diverse range of lucrative income-earning opportunities.
And finally, take action by engaging in income-producing activities in your spare time.
If you live by the principles stated above you would increase your income dramatically.

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