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How to Dress According to Your Body Type

How to Dress According to Your Body Type


The biggest problem with how most people dress is that they don’t get dressed for their body type. Dressing up should be based specifically on how you want to look not how everybody looks like. Following trends is all nice and good but don’t get surprised if the trending new style doesn’t look as good on you as the ones you saw online. Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, and so are trends. Don’t be into trends; there is beauty in everything once you can own your style.

Having good clothes isn’t the same as nicely dressing. This has only to do with styling yourself. Clothes are 99% about shape, drape, and silhouette. You can wear the nicest cashmere sweater with blue low waist denim trousers and still not good as you had envisioned.



Do you want to look slimmer? Then ditch brightly colored clothes and wear flattering colors like black, brown, darker shades of blue, etc. It is common knowledge that black is the most flattering color that perfectly creates a slimming illusion.

Do you want your butt to look bigger? Wear denim jeans that have a lighter wash on the butt area if you want to give an illusion of a larger butt frame. It doesn’t matter if your favorite influencer wears any color and her butt still looks big, she might naturally just have a big butt.

While, black slims you, white in general makes you look bigger. If you want a broad shoulder wear white horizontally striped details on the shoulder.



A dress could be made by angels and yet it still does flatter your Shape. Wear clothes that accentuate your intended body parts to create exactly what you want to avoid the disappointment of seeing the same cloth look nice on other people who have different body sizes from yours.

Do you elongate your neck? Wear a plunging neckline and ditch round-necks or turtle neck.

Do you want to have thicker hips? You have to consider your height also for this to work. Tall women should go for clothes like body con long or three-quarter skirt. These types of skirts make the hip shape more pronounced and give a slimming effect to your long legs. High waist shorts or low rise jeans accentuate short ladies hips and give an illusion of longer legs

If you’re reading on how to hide your tummy, you can always ask your tailor to add extra two inches to the waist measurement of your traditional fitted gown styles. Choose loose clothes, vertical stripes, and knee-length clothes.





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