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How To Develop Your Self Esteem.

No matter who you’re you had struggled with the issue of self esteem. During our childhood and the formative years, there is a need to really know who we are and what we want to achieve with our lives. A lot don’t know what they worth, if that’s you, you’ve got to know how to develop your self esteem.

Many jump in with trends, forgetting that they are of their own type and everyone is different in his own way. They get to compare themselves with others, sometimes that feel good, other times they feel like trash.

Self esteem is an important part of life and the higher your esteem, the better you will want to engage in this world and conquer it. Remember God wants you to conquer. His first instructions to Adam and Eve is “be fruitful and multiply….subdue and conquer the earth. Our creator doesn’t want us to be failures, not trusting the enormously beautiful traits He had given us.

With a low self esteem, you will properly crawl away from responsibilities, and if you don’t you won’t give your best, your contributions will be mediocre and you will get criticised for it.

Self Esteem, What Is It?

Self esteem can be described as the value you put on your self as a person. It means what you think you are worth and what you think you can achieve with your life.

Like I said, all of us have struggled with this issue. If you figure out how it works, you will realize it’s so much easy, you can feel good with your self and believe you are worth a million bucks.

The Causes Of Low Self Esteem

You might be wondering since all of us are born the same way, why did some people believe they are worth more while other see themselves as craps. Factors affecting your esteem rang from, family background, societal (especially peer) pressure, education and spirituality. Here is a few of the bunch.

1.  Background

People who come from a poor family always believe they are not as valuable as those from rich families. Period.

2. Intelligence

There’s always a brilliant student in a school which other students look up to. Many would not pride themselves valuable as this student.

Unconsciously, teachers reinforced this vice, taking to liking this brainiac. The others feel less appreciated and their worth nose dive.

3. Church

As Christians, we believe we all serve the same God. But the way a Catholic serves is totally different from a Pentecostal or Protestant. People attending a more “prestigious” church feel more worthy than others. The height of this ridicule fall on people attending white garment churches.

4. Success

Success is a yard stick for measuring how important a person is. Successful people have more self worth than hustlers.

5. Parents/Teachers/Guardians

There is nothing in the world that can contribute or otherwise affect your self esteem as the trio of parents, teachers and or guardians. We develop the seeds of our esteem very early and if watered effectively it can grow well. If you have abusive parents, unappreciative teachers and guardians who constantly put you down, there is no place but down.

When you keep hearing

“You are nothing…”
“You will never amount to anything in life, because you are dumb”
“You will never make it, stop trying”
“You will be a failure, just like your father”

You need to stop listening to that nonsense if you want to learn how to develop your self esteem.

6. Beauty

Good looking people believe they are of more worth than others. This is not general, I have seen beautiful and intelligent people with low self esteem. The traits come from different reasons, too many to count.

How To Increase Your Esteem

Do you have a low self esteem? Don’t worry! Good news, you can turn it all around. So they have ridiculed you because you are not good looking or your father don’t drive the latest Mercedes Benz, don’t fret. The truth is that all the energy to see your self in high regard is within you and you’re the captain of your own ship.How to develop your self esteem

1. Believe in Yourself

This is the first step of doing this, you don’t believe in yourself, who should believe in you? Having a good level of esteem will pull people toward you because they see that you believe and are passionate about who you are and what you are doing.

2. Get Something Doing

No matter who we are, there is something that you can do better than most people. Instead of wallowing in those things you cannot do, do those you can effectively. Do your best and don’t settle for less. Put all your efforts into it and smile at the end product. That’s how to develop your self esteem. Don’t listen to criticism, anyone who doesn’t like what you’ve done should hold on to his or her opinion. You are the creator, no one argues with the Creator.

3. Condition Yourself

How to do go from low self esteem to being confident? The answer, conditioning. You will need to tell yourself that you are not worthless or even worth less than anybody. Life is not a competition, stop comparing yourself to other people. They say you can’t achieve anything, are they in your head? What do you say? Do you believe that trash you are hearing? Do you…hmm?

Henry Ford once said, “anyone who believe they can or cannot, they are correct”. If you believe you are worth as much as anyone, you are. If you believe otherwise, then you are also correct. No one was born superior or inferior to you, its just a creation of the society. Man up and start believing you are worth more than you think, because you are actually worth a thousand buck.

4. The Mirror Exercise

Take this as your daily routine. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the following words

I am worth a million bucks

I am the best version of me

No one can be me but myself

I am not inferior to anyone

I am confident and a great person, in perfect health, physically and mentally strong

I can do anything!

You can add some of yours too, just make sire they are positive sentences and you say it with all sincerity and passion. You will see results, I bet. That’s the best way to develop your self esteem.

Now You Know

That’s a rap folks, see you later




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