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How To Develop A Stunning Sense Of Humour

How the develop a stunning sense of humour

Everyone loves a funny man. In the bus or at home, at their workplace and in the football field, humour is important. Any merchant of this wonderful gift will be appreciated, cherished and be bestowed with friendliness. Its not hard to develop a stunning sense of humour.

Some people think, a sense of humour is inborn, innate, like the colour of your eyes or height. But studies reveal however it is something that is learnable, something if giving time to work at can be known, developed and perfected. That is quite fortunate.

Some, (many actually need to develop this skill, we can never have too many funny people) have to develop this trait. It is needed in many aspect of life, sales, human resources, public speaking, teaching and even writing.

For those who are naturally funny, there is room for improvement. Sick and tired of cracky, dry jokes, you can make better ones. Everything can be achieved. Just how you develop a stunning sense of humour?

The Benefits Of Humour

Humour is indeed the best medicine. This is evident in the many benefits that comes with developing this beautiful trait. Health wise, funny people, or people who laugh often live longer than frowning, gloomy people.

While those ones who see the funny side of life improve in health, the latter deteriorate and slip deeper and deeper into the dungeons of sickness, unhealthiness and confusion. So you see developing a stunning sense of humour is advantageous in more sense that one.

With a superior immune system and an optimistic approach to life, funny people learn to maneuver through the thick forest of life without flipping out, running into (major) problems and buckling under the weight of life’s yokes.

A gloomy person soon parts with his hard earned money, spending it on products that can lift his drowned spirits. He also pays heavily for his gloomy lifestyle, always seeing obstacles where opportunity should be.

There is no aspects however than marketing where the happy go lucky attitude is mostly needed. Ask yourself, would you buy something from a sales man who can’t sell his product wrapped around a little fragment of humour?

Humour also pays financially!

What is common to Adam Sandler, Jim Carry, Jack Black and Kevin Hart? Certainly not skin colour or nationality! It is their ability to make people laugh and they are getting paid handsomely for it. If you are good, you can become a stand up comedian or even an internet comedian, there isn’t an end to what you can become.

Sense Of Humour, How To Develop It

So you have decided to finally let go of that gloomy face, or deserted that dry crumbs of humour you know. Now let’s get down to business, yes making people laugh is serious business, what an irony. Just how do you become an Eddie Murphy or a Chris Tucker?

How the develop a stunning sense of humour

1. Get Funny Materials

The best way to learn how to do something is to get the already done things and study them. How can you be funny if you don’t know one funny thing? Get funny books, download funny videos, get funny audio which you can listen to while you drive.

Laugh at the jokes all you want but don’t forget to analyze how the comedian strung his or her words  using tact and body language to deliver the punch line. Never stop digesting the materials, get new ones periodically, change your source (don’t listen, watch or read comedy from only one comedian. Every funny person has its own signature, get the point of view from many eyes)

2. Be The Parrot

Now you are familiar with many jokes and even know the comedians by name, it’s time to move on. The next stage is called parroting. Parroting can be simply defined as repeating the jokes other comedians have said.

You can do this randomly but if you want to be on the safer and morally good side, give due credit to the owner of the joke. You might start like “I heard the other day from John Doe that.” Or “Have you heard what, John Joe said”
Giving credit to the owner have two advantages.

It tells people that you are a dependable person who doesn’t steal other people’s works (Someone amongst the crowd might have heard the joke before and know it is not yours) and secondly you will be excused or forgiven if the joke wasn’t really funny. After all it is not your joke.

To prevent the latter, chose only funny jokes (you can’t be hundred percent sure, a joke is funny, even if it is funny to you. We all have our own perspective. Chances are however if it made a lot of people laugh, it is funny) and deliver them in the same or similar tone, voice or body language like the original joke.

Some jokes are funny not because of the words said, but the manner which it was delivered.

3. Search For Gold

So you have perfected how to be a parrot, the next stage is looking or creating your own jokes. How do I do this? By analyzing other jokes you can find out what makes them great and create something similar.

Naturally people laugh at silly people. Remember Mr Bean? He does silly things and everybody laughs. Hunt for jokes. if you are in a place and some thing funny happens, quick! get your pen and write it down. It will be added to your arsenal of humour.

I read a book about a man who jokes come to in the middle of the night. Quickly he springs up and scribbled it on a piece of tissue paper. You should be that dedicated on hunting for jokes. That is how to develop a stunning sense of humour You can take full credit for your own jokes.

4. Being Witty Vs Being Silly

If you are asking which one is better, the answer is none, both approaches have their own fans and you should develop both skills to be a perfect comedian. You can be witty when you are around intellectuals and be silly otherwise.

5. Use your discretion

Not everything is or can be joked about, finding a balance between when to joke and when not to is using your own discretion. You have to master the act to know when to use your wonderful gift.

Now You Know

I am going to leave with a joke of mine, I hope you like it

Man: For how long will you be fixing the bulb

Electrician: Two, three or four

Man: Two what? Minutes, hours, days?

Electrician: Maybe five


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