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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform basically meant for sharing of photos and videos. It is an Application available both on android and iPhone. People share their photos or videos to their followers or with a selected groups of friends. There is a room for viewing, commenting and liking of a post shared by their friends.

We create Instagram account by linking your email address with a username you intend using, though, it will be explained better in my next article.


Why should I delete my Instagram account?

The reason for deleting any social media account varies, it is based on the challenge you encounter. One may decide to delete an account because you don’t want it to be seen by the public any longer, beside, social media has a lot of negative effect or influence and its effect cannot be overemphasize. Social media has broken many homes, cause job lost, cause health hazards, mental disorder, emotional trauma, loss of focus, road accident, insatiability, to mention but few.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms we have in the world today. As a result of addiction to Instagram, many are been carried away with the beautiful pictures they see on the platform, therefore trying to meet up with the standard they see on the platform even when there is no resources for that.

Your life will be centered on the screen as if there is no life outside the platform. You will like to see the latest post of a celebrity, the clothes they wear, their latest car, their hair style and many others. There will be total loss of concentration and will barely have time for your work and family because there are many things that will consume your time on the platform but at the end of each day, you will realize the value you receive from the platform cannot pay you off your job. What of the case were husband and wife cannot have conversation because each person heart is buried on the platform? What of the data you burn daily?

So, when you realize the platform is trying to control your own life, you delete.


How to Delete Your Instagram Account

 A lot of people, misconstrued Deactivation to Deleting but are two different things entirely.

Deactivation a break from Instagram, it is temporal. When you deactivate, your account, followers, profile, photos and videos, comments, likes will be hidden from other users and can easily be restored.

Note: you can’t perform this function on your android App. For it can only be done on a web browser on Istagram web site.

But when you delete your account, it is gone for life i.e it cannot be restored. All the followers, photos and videos, likes and comments will be deleted. When you intend signing up in the nearest future you need a fresh username for your account. We are going to make use of the info graphs below for our study. Follow the steps carefully and give us feedback after your first attempt.

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