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The skill of knowing how to cut female trousers is very essential and will go a long to help you design and sawn any type of trouser of your choice. There are different types of female trousers but their making process remains the same irrespective of the fabric and the sawing machine you are using.

One good thing about knowing how to cut a female trouser is the possibility of opening a fashion shop at the advance level where you can design and sawn any female trouser of your choice.

To learn this skill, you will need the following:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Straight ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard paper or thick and wide sheet of paper
  • Drawing Marker or chalk
  • Assuming you are preparing a 35feet Female trouser


Step 1.

Spread your wide sheet of paper to initiate the measurement. If the paper is not wide enough join two or three wide pieces together with a gum.



Step 2.

Using your measuring tape, measure from the beginning a total length of 37inch and a width of about 10inch.



Step 3.

Measure out 1inch for the upper section (belt or rope section). The part that will be folded later.


Step 4.

Measure out 9inch by 3inch for your crotch at the front section and join it with a curve


Step 5.

Measure out a total length of 10inch from the beginning (top) below the belt or rope section as the total length of your crotch.


Step 6.

Measure out 8inch by 4inch for your back hip and join the two ends of the lines with a straight line thereby forming a sharp curve for the back hip. Cut out the back curve.


Step 7.

Take a slight angle of about 7.5 degrees from the front section and measure 10inch downwards. And draw a cross line there.


Step 8.

From where the curved or angled cut stopped, take a straight line to the end of the trouser and cut it out as well. This option is for simple straight trouser. If you are designing a pencil leg female trouser then you have to narrow down the downward cut instead of cutting it straight.


Step 9.

Measure and mark the circumference of your thigh starting from the front section you cut earlier. let us assume it is 20inch plus 1inch making a total of 21inch. Measure and mark the circumference of your lower thigh i.e. your kneel, let us assume it is 16inch. Measure and mark out the circumference of your ankle. Let us assume it is 10inch.


Step 10.

From the top line of your top thigh draw a straight line linking the kneel line and the ankle line. And cut out the line with a scissors.




Step 11.

You have successfully created one leg of your trouser. You create the next face easily by dropping the cut out into another folded fabric from the material and carefully cutout the paths made by the first shape you have made.


Step 12.

Insert the two legs into a sewing machine and sew accordingly following the paths created.


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