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This article will walk you through how to create a YouTube channel step by step in the very simplest way including the key Optimization settings that most people miss that will help you maximize your results even if you already started.

YouTube is where people go to get information, entertainment and directives on what to do and how to it, no wonder it has become the second most popular search engine in the world and more and more people daily want to have a channel of their own.

This essence has necessitate the publishing of this article, in order to help you create your own channel and to share what you can do and earn money from the moderators of YouTube for free.

With the right process and some key optimization setting, you can get yourself a channel, maximize your views and walk through success.

Step 1

Make sure you have a device connected to the internet; be it a Computer or phone (android or IOS).

Create a Mail account that is if you do not have one already.  The account will have an address as the given example (to know how to create a Mail account, search our earlier published article on simple steps to creating a Mail account).

Step 2

The next thing to do after having a Mail account is go to your device browser and type,  click sign-in at the top right hand corner of your device screen and you will be prompted to log-in. Go ahead and input the details of your Mail account if you want to associate that with the channel and hit the create button.

It is also important to know what type of channel you want to create. This article gives you the two types of channels explained, to help you make the decision of which type to go for. First is the personal channel which you will see labelled as “FOR MYSELF” and the second one is a brand channel which is labelled as “TO MANAGE MYH BUSINESS”.

The “for myself” channel is usually linked and restricted to you alone and only those who log-in with that same login details are able to manage the account, it also, is locked to the mail account name which in most cases is your own name. the second option is to create your YouTube channel as a brand channel which will give you the opportunity of things as accustomed channel name so it doesn’t need to be just your own personal name and you can also assign other people or other Google accounts as channel managers on your channel so you don’t need to be giving out your personal Google account log-in details to people you want to help out with your channel; you can simply grant them access with their log-in details.

Now you can select either a personal channel or a brand channel but do note that you can easily switch from as personal channel to a brand channel at a later day if you want to change. We will recommend you create your channel as a brand channel.


Step 3

Once you’ve signed into YouTube, you can go to your little profile picture at the top right hand corner of your device, a menu will pop-up. From that menu, you either pick the first one which is create your channel or go to settings and you pick the option of add or manage your channel(s), it will show you all the channels you manage with a plus (+) sign to add, if you don’t have any account, it’s the first you are creating, you will see only the “+ Create a new Channel”, go ahead and hit the button to create a new channel.

Step 4

Referring to our step 2, you will be taken to the menu where you will have to choose how you want to create your channel. YouTube will have to ask us if we want to create a personal channel using our name or we want to create a brand channel using accustomed name. This article addresses creating YouTube channel for a brand so we are going to select the brand channel option.

Step 5

This is where you get to decide your channel Name. Pick the appropriate name from the start even though you can still change your channel name after you have set it. Type in your channel name in the wide rectangular box provided, check the little square below the wide rectangular box and immediately, the “crate” button highlights in blue outlook. Pick the create and in a shot while, YouTube welcomes you with a pop-up.

Step 6

The pop-up will hint us on what to do next which is to upload a profile picture. Navigate your device for a picture after you must have picked the “UPLOAD PICTUREoptions and upload. On the same page, you will see below a writing space with a hint “Channel description” in it. Go ahead and add a few sentences or a short shat sharp paragraph describing your channel base on who you are, what you channel is about and what viewers can expect on your channel, that is, the kind of content that you are putting out.

This is one of the key places where you will have to add up some key words and key phrases around the content that you will cover in order to optimize your channel and rank top on YouTube.

Step 7

This step is where you add up your social media URLs to link up with YouTube. You will see such place with the description “Add links to your sites” you can actually leave it blank if you do not have any of the social media or you don’t feel like associating any of them with YouTube. After adding or not adding as any of the case may be, save and proceed to the next stage.

Step 8

The next step is to verify your channel and that’s where you have to go to the profile icon at the top right hand corner, select settings and select the “channel status and features” options. You will see some packages that are lined red and some not lined at all. They are features you can unlock for your channel once you verify, though not all of them.

The verification is at the top left of your device screen close to your picture as you would see once you are there. Hit the verify button and select your country in the next pop-up page; you can do the verification either by selecting to be verified by an automated voice message call or a text message. Any of the two you choose is effective. Make sure you enter the verification code correctly once you get it and expect a congratulatory message from YouTube to confirm your account verification. Immediately you will find out that the features that were locked up are unlocked for your channel.

Step 9

Once that’s done, you will see at the top right hand corner of your device a notification of return to YouTube studio to set up your actual channel, hit the button and go to your actual channel, at the top left hand of your screen, hit the profile picture you see on your dashboard with few menus under it to view your channel

Step 10

Hit the customize channel button to customize your channel. It takes you to a platform where we can add your channel art or branding to make it look more like your brand. hit the add channel art and it takes you to where you pick if to navigate your device to add from your gallery or add from your Google account photos which you have uploaded. Select your photo and you can adjust the outlook at the down part of the left hand button; hit select when you are satisfied with the result you have.

Step 11

To make avoid mistakes, got o the about button under the channel art and cross check your description. That is not all as there are some other detail we can add there as well; and that is Email address and location which we will see a space for that below the channel art page.

Step 12

From the customize page you will go back to the YouTube studio which is near the customize button under the channel art header and hit the button. It will take us to the YouTube studio dashboard, hit the settings down below at the left hand side of your device and it launches us to a page where we will have to pick channel to where there are more settings to customize our channel

Step 13

One we hit on the channel to customize, we will see at the top dashboard where it is written branding. Branding will reveal a frame with little frame inside where we can add watermark. We could just use our profile picture but it will be preferable to use a subscribe button. Hit the choose image button at the bottom of the frame and navigate your device locations to import a suitable photo, upload and it appears in the water-mark section, choose the positions and timing of where and when you want it to appear on the screen.

Step 14

The advance setting is the next to branding, in this segment, you get to choose the audience your content is meant for. There are basically three options which suggest if the contents of your channel are meant for children, if the contents of your channel are not meant for children, and a default setting of reviewing the setting each time you want to publish a content. You will need to specify with one of the above options.

Step 15

In the basic info next to the advance setting, we get to add some key words, some key tags in the rectangular column provided that are associated to your channel in order to help YouTube show our channels in search results on the YouTube platform. Only add the words that are relevant to your channel; always separate words with a comma to add them as tags.

Step 16

Under the channel settings on the dashboard, there’s the upload default, that’s where you get to streamline your video upload settings. It has only basic info and Advanced setting. On the basic settings, it is advisable you leave the title and description empty as they are prone to change at every upload, but choose the visibility and tags as best suiting to your purpose and contents of your channel. On the advance setting, we will see settings about licensing and allowing comments. Choose this also base on your purpose and contents.


Hit the ‘save’ button down below at the right hand side of your screen and it will back you out of the page to where you can upload your video files. Once you are done with all of this steps, you can start uploading your video and make public your presence.

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