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How to Create Gig Description on Fiverr


On Fiverr, having a well-written description can attract buyers to place orders without thinking twice if you can deliver or not.

Creating a gig description can be hard if you don’t know what to focus on.

So in this post, we will learn the key areas that will make your gig description stand out on Fiverr.

Let’s dive in.

The Checklist

You need to understand that your Fiverr gig and its description functions as a copy because it’s what helps you to pitch your service to buyers.

Your gig description should cover the following:

  • Pain points or problems of the buyer
  • Your proposed solution for them
  • State your experience
  • Answer the buyer’s questions
  • Add call-to-action

Tips on Creating Gig Description

1. Research

You can’t be able to create your gig descriptions without researching other gigs that relate to your service.

Check what the top sellers have written and how they use the right keywords and explain every term clearly.

Also, remember don’t ever copy and paste other sellers’ descriptions because it will result in being penalized by Fiverr by removing the gig entirely.

2. Use the target keywords

The target keywords are an important part of Fiverr SEO. If you fail to do this, your target buyers will not see you on the platform.

So use 2 to 3 keywords in describing your gig. These keywords play a role in getting your gig to rank well in Fiverr search results.

3. Add an introduction

Write a simple and short introduction to your gig. This introduction must be written in simple English because a lot of buyers are non-native English speakers. For them to understand your gig easily.

Many of the buyers decide to place an order after a few sentences of your description.

To achieve this, avoid adding or stating irrelevant things that will make your intro unnecessarily long.


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4. State your experience

On Fiverr, buyers work with experienced sellers. So stating your experience will add you to get orders fast as a new seller on the platform.

Write a short and simple detail of your experience that positions you better than the other sellers in the same niche.


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5. Explain the unique selling points of your gig

This is the major area of your gig description. It states the features of the services you offer in your gig.

In simple English, tell the buyers what makes you unique and why they should hire you. Your strong points must be explained convincingly to show you’re the right seller to handle their jobs.

Make sure you format your description well using bullet points and emphasize important areas of your gig description by highlighting them.


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6. State what you need from the buyer

One good thing about the platform, Fiverr, is that you have an opportunity to write what you need from your buyers.

This is a feature that allows you, the seller, to avoid any inconvenience on your side while doing your job.

So explain to them what you can do and what you can’t. If you’re to create any special offer, explain to them that it comes with extra pay.


What do I need from you?

  • Research topic
  • Your requirements (if any)

7. Encourage buyers to place orders with call-to-action

This is the last part of your gig description. You place it to encourage buyers to place orders or contact you if they have any queries.

Without this, some buyers may move to the next seller without placing any other because of questions that were not answered. So ask them to contact you for more clarifications.

Your main objective is to initiate conversations between you and a buyer or to generate sales.


Place your order to begin. In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Now I’d like to hear from you on this post.

Which tip would you like to try first?

Or probably I missed a particular tip. Either way, drop your comment in the box below

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