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WhatsApp is an app that has made chatting a lot much easier for many people. And it’s now used as a marketing tool and platform to advertise your products and services to different people just by sharing them on your status.

You can see that WhatsApp is not only for messaging and chatting but it’s equally a platform where people can learn different skills just by being in one group. Meaning it’s now a platform where one can make money comfortably.

Creating your own group is an easy way to build influence on people through your class or training. So, how do you create your WhatsApp group and invite people to join it? Before we discuss how to create a WhatsApp group, understand that the maximum number of people that can be in one group is 256 people.

Follow the steps below to create your own WhatsApp group:

• On your WhatsApp, click the “Chats Tab”

• Next, click on New Group. That’s if there is a chat existing already.

• You will be taken to your contacts to select those you will add to the group. And click Next.

• At this stage, you will type in the group’s name, one that will be seen by everyone in the group. In addition, you’ll be allowed to use 25 characters, that’s the limit. Next, is to add the group picture by clicking on the “camera icon,” by clicking “Take Photo, Choose from Gallery or Search Web.” Consequently, doing this will allow the picture to be the group’s photo.

• By Clicking Create, the group will be created.

Next Is To Invite People Into The Group Through The Link

• As the admin of the group, your work is to invite people into the group by sharing the link. You get the link by clicking on the group’s chat. Scroll down before the members’ names, you will see “invite via link.”

• Click on “invite via the link” you will see options on what to do with the link such as “Choose Share Link, Copy Link or QR Code.”

• Click on “Copy Link” and the link will be copied. Then post it on your status with a little write-up inviting people to join the group.

Invite into Groups via Links

If you’re a group admin, you can invite people to join a group by sharing the link with them. The admin can Reset link at any time to make the previous invite link invalid and create a new link.

And as people join the group, encourage them to share the link for more people to join.

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