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How To Cook Fried Rice With Chicken

Samples of Fried Rice delicacies

Nigerian Fried Rice and its preparation methods

Fried rice is one major meal with unique taste from the rest meals made from rice. Those that doesn’t fancy eating rice hardly say ‘NO’ to fried rice. Not just because of its taste but the unique flavor and physical looks.

Presently, almost every event/ceremony food will have the presence of fried rice in it. the presence of fried rice in every occasion provide option for those that would not like eating the regular jollof rice in the occasion. In some cases, the fried rice is among the foods reserved for the VIPs in every occasion.

It is obvious that almost everyone likes the fried rice delicacy but the major had been how to prepare the meal to match with the expected taste. Fried rice has standard procedure of cooking it and when such procedure is maintained will preparing the meal you will definitely get the best of it. Though some cook can apply other methods or include or exclude from the procedure but finitely the taste can never be the same again.

This post will give you details of how you can prepare quality fried rice for every occasion or for personal consumption. Here are the food and cooking ingredients you need to have:

This quantity is for approximately 10 plates servicing of fried rice.

long grain rice 800g, turkey 1200ml, large carrots 6 pieces, peas & runner beans 2 handfuls, large green pepper 4 pieces, onion bulbs 4 pieces, curry powder 6 tablespoonful, ginger powder 2 tablespoonful, garlic 6 groves, black pepper 3/5 spoonful, vegetable oil 6 cooking spoonful, stock cube (knowr) sweetener 5 pieces.

Ingredient for the chicken and its preparations.

Samples of Fried Rice delicacies

Samples of Fried Rice delicacies

Chicken/turkey thighs or drumsticks 1000g, 2 tablespoon of thyme, 2 tablespoon of curry, 2 medium onion, 2 glove garlic, 2 small yellow pepper, 1 ginger powder, 3 stock cube (knowr) sweetener.  

If you have got all these complete, follow these steps to make our delicious fried rice:

The starting process is to parboil the rice. Some professional cooks do add some well-seasoned stock while parboiling the rice. So, parboil your rice and keep it aside then proceed to the next steps.

Pour the chicken/turkey into pot with little water then add all the ingredients for the chicken preparation and cook it up to 15 minutes and thereafter, add more water and allow it few minutes later before bring it down.

Once you have removed the chicken/turkey pot from the cooker, filter out the water in the chicken and store it in a bowl and keep it aside. You will also the main chicken in a grater/strainer to allow the remaining water in it to drain off. You need the water used in the cooking of the chicken so place the grater/strainer on top of the bowl you poured the chicken water so that more water can fall into it. assuming you cooked the chicken/turkey with the liver, bring it out and cut into tiny pieces and keep in a separate plate. Otherwise boil the liver separate with the water from the chicken/turkey and keep separate in a plate after cutting it into tiny pieces.

In the preparation of the main sauce ingredients, dice the onions, remove the seeds of the green bell peppers and cut the peppers into tiny pieces, peel the carrot and cut it into tiny pieces, wash the vegetables properly with common salt then slice it into tiny piece, and remember to place all these items in separate plates after their preparation.

For blanching the ingredients, position the carrots and the green pepper in a boiling water for 6mins and filter out any trace of water inside their bowls then place them aside. Blanching helps to parboil the vegetables, carrots, and green pepper and help also in retaining their original color. The process will also help reduce the time use in frying process.

Now the next stage is to cook the rice with the water filtered out from the Chicken/Turkey you cooked earlier. In this process, ensure the quantity of the water from the chicken/turkey is enough to cook the rice. Therefore, pour the chicken/Turkey into a pot and allow it to boil and add the parboiled water into it. ensure that the water is not too much or too small, hence, the water level should be equal with the level of the rice inside the pot.

The moment you add the rice inside the boiling water, wait few minutes later when the water start boiling again heavily then add sweetener cubes, garlic powder, curry powder, onions, and common salt ensure the quantities you are adding are not too little to be felt and not too much to spoil the presence of others and the entire taste o the food. Then allow the rice to done by waiting until the water dries up.  Ensure the rice is not too soft (sticking on each other).

Pour out the cooked rice into a separate bowl.  Then initiate the frying process by doing the following:

Pour enough vegetable oil in a large frying pan according to the size of vegetable, carrots, green pepper, and the liver/meat you sliced. Allow the oil to get very hot and then fry those items together for over 1 min and add some white/black pepper, garlic, curry and a sweetener cube. These items help the sauce to have taste. The next step is to proceed and fry the rice.

This rice frying stage is the last stage. Assuming you have a large pot, the process will be very simple. All you need to do is to pour the items you just fried (vegetables, carrots, etc.) into the pot and then pour the cooked rice into the same pot and start stirring the everything while heating the pot with a good cook. You should stir until there is no trace of water of flowing oil beneath the pot and do not over stay while flying so you don’t spoil everything you have made by changing the color of the vegetable, carrots, etc. almost 3 minutes will be ok if you are using a good burner.

If you don’t have any big pot, you can divide the size of the sauce you have made into a certain number based on the pot size you have. Let’s say you divide the sauces 5 units then divide the cooked riced into 5 units also and start to fly the rice bit by bit. Once you are through with the last unit, you can start serving the rice or store in a cooler for occasion.



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