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This Howtod post will be discussing the easy ways you can convert any picture format to PDF (Portable Document Format). If you are reading this post to know how to achieve it, then you are in the right place.

You have many options when it comes to converting pictures to PDF. From simple offline methods to online methods. Unlike the offline methods highlighted by Wikihow, we will be dealing with specific methods that can work with any device and discuss the methods highlighted by Wikihow.

Below are options available for you:

Online Methods

Adobe Website

Small PDF Website

NOVA PDF Website

Convert JPG To PDF.Net

I Love PDF Website

Mobile Apps for Picture conversion to PDF

To convert your picture to PDF online, visit any of the above websites by click on their links. Once the website opens, click on the upload button to upload any picture from the device you are using and use the convert button to convert the picture to PDf and save it to your device as PDF. It is very simple and easy-to-do-task.

The next method is the offline method. This implies converting a picture in your device into PDF without accessing the internet.


Offline Methods

You can convert any picture on your device to PDF if you are using the computer. There are different steps to a different OS. For instance, the picture conversion steps for Windows is a little different from Mac’s steps.

How to Convert Pictures to PDF using Windows

The steps are simple.

Locate the picture on your Computer and Right-click to open a list of options.



Use the “Open with” option to open the picture with the Photos App.


Once the picture opens on the Photos App, click the “Print” icon located on top of the app. The Print Icon is a small printer graphic.


The “Print” command will open a list of options for printing. The list is located on the left side of the window. On the first row, you will see “OneNote For Windows 10” click on it as indicated by the red arrow.


Once you click on the row, select the option that says “Microsoft Print to PDF” as indicated by the red arrow in the image below.


After selecting the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option, click the “Print” button located beneath the window and indicated by the red arrow.

Once you click the Print command, an option will come up for you to name the Picture and specify the location in the computer where it will be saved. This is very important because the format of the picture has been changed to PDF. The second row on the popup options will be showing you the new format of the picture which is “PDF Document (“.pdf)”.

The first arrow pointing downwards indicates the file name. You are to type the new name of the picture in PDF. The second arrow is pointing at the “Save” button. You need to click on the Save button after typing the name.

If everything in the last step was done correctly, your picture will save as a PDF in any location you choose in your computer. The red arrow pointing upwards indicates the saved Picture in PDF located in the Documents folder of the window computer.

In case you have more than one picture to convert, you can do it all at the same time by using the Ctrl + A to select all the pictures at once or press and hold the “Ctrl” key and carefully click on the number of pictures you want to convert and then right-click the mouse to reveal list options and select the photos app to open all the pictures and use the same process to save all the pictures as PDF at the same time.

Now you have known how to convert any picture to PDF, do not forget to drop your comment and ask for further instruction if you encounter any challenge.

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