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How To Control Your Temper

Anger is a destructive energy and if not effectively managed it can cause the ruin of he who doesn’t learn to control it. Although anger is a normal emotional response if not nipped in the bud it can grow into a hydra with several heads and pulling down many areas of your well being. You need to know how to control your temper.

Although they are many drawbacks to extreme anger, the major things it destroys is your peace, happiness and your relationships. An angry man is not someone people want to be around. If it were you, would you want to be around them?

Society, media and popular culture have not helped people contain or control their angers. Instead of publicly criticising anger or showing the side effects or errors of getting unnecessary anger, it has constantly show how anger and angry people get their way.

Animated movies series such as Avatar:the last air bender, Naruto, and Bleach had always paraded how so much power their major characters possess whenever they get extremely angry.

But this trend is not only limited to animations. Movies characters like Marvel’s Bruce Barner have enormous and devastating energy when he gets angry and turns to The Hulk, the height of Richard’s power in Legend of the Seeker is when he gets angry and can you remember what Smaug did to the lonely town in the Hobbit?

Despite all the hype however, I am telling you allowing yourself get uncontrollable angry is not only bad for your happiness, it is detrimental to your health.

Just how do you control your temper?

Accept You Have Anger Issues

It is often said the first step to curing a disease had to know that you have the disease. I am not saying anger is a disease, but the very first step of solving this problem is to accept the fact that you have anger issues. How do you know if you have anger issues? Do you get anger at unnecessary petty things? Okay you are not that type, but do you get angry easily or even if you don’t get angry easily, whenever you blow the fuse, you get angry too much?

Well my friend, you have an anger issue. Accept that fact. Only after you accept this would you take the next step of getting rid of your anger totally.

Eliminate Triggers

We all know that prevention is better than cure and if you can prevent anything from getting on your nerves, that’s better. Look at yourself and take an examination, what are those things that gets you anger.

Pick a pen right now and make a list, what are those things that really makes you go bananas? Write as many as you can. Put a rank of 1 to 10 on them to show the degree which they make you angry.

Now makes another list, arranging the triggers according to their ranks. I advice you make copies of this list and carry it around.

As you go through your day, make conscious efforts of avoiding these triggers. Stay on the safe point and you will see that you will stay anger free through the day.

Face The Source Of Your Anger

You might what to ask me “what if the trigger of my anger is something I can’t avoid, say something like my job or someone like my wife? What do I do then?”

How to control your temper

If you find yourself in this situation then you must learn to face your anger. Anger you must know is a reaction to some external irritation, it’s because we were disturbed, rejected or insulted that we got angry. Anger is a response and it is us who control this response.

What if we learn to control the way we respond such that instead of exploding into an uncontrollable anger, we respond in a calm and gentle way. You may avoid the triggers all day but a man who really wants to strengthen his weakness doesn’t run away from his problems. He stays there and crush them.

You must know however that you developed your anger issues over a long period of time and it will not just disappear like ice cream in the heat at of summer. It takes time, so don’t claw at yourself when you cave in. Just get back up and make another resolution to do better this time.

Now You Know

Anger will destroy your life and relationships. It’s time to kick it out. Now you know how to control your temper, do something about it today.


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