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How To Choose A Nickname That Rocks

I am not sure but I am willing to take a wide guess that you know somebody whose nick name is more popular than his real name. While some people’s aliases bear so much power, others are just normal or knee slapping hilarious. Just how do you choose a nicknickname that rocks!

What is in a nick name that is so special, does it really influence our character? If you want to get a nick name, what should you do? How do you go about it?

You might be wondering why all these questions just because you wanted to choose an alias for yourself, at least it’s your name and you have the absolute right to choose to bear anything you want.


What you call yourself is influenced by your self image, personality and what you wish for your future?

Did I hear you say, “No way Anthony, it can’t be that psychological!”

Well my friend it is. Or it might influence you later. You see, everything we say with these two powerful words “I am” really sinks into our psyche and whether we like it or not it will take root and grow, bearing fruit (good or bad, as the case may be) so obvious it can’t be denied. And we use our nick names, we always say “I am this, or that”. This is when it becomes a defining factor and somehow dangerous.

Before we see some some results of some powerful alias, let define what a nick name is (Sorry I don’t assume, I like to explain everything in plain everyday terms)How to chose a nickname that rocks

Nick Names, What Are They?

A nick name is a name we are called but not giving to us by our parents. It might be given by family members, friends or even ourselves. And we respond positively every time we are called.

Its advisable to not chose a random alias. You need not study psychology before understanding how to chose a nickname that rocks.

How Nick Names Influences Us

Like I said, every time we use “I am” with any words we just defined ourselves in that line and if we will constantly define ourselves as something, our nervous system will unconsciously pick it up and conditioned put lives and circumstances to fit into such definition.

This is called auto suggestion. It’s a quiet funny but it works. If you constantly tell yourself you are funny, you will realize that somehow, you will start becoming funny and more people will start laughing at your jokes.

Same goes for anything. If you can believe it enough, you can see it influencing your desire, direction, focus and decisions.

A powerful nick name brings out the power in you, a weak, dis-empowering, or silly one, bears fruit of their own kinds too.

If you don’t believe me, let’s ask these three successful men!

Dwayne Johnson

You might know him from the wrestling ring as “the people’s champion” or in movies where he has been many characters from a Scorpion King (The Mummy Returns) to a Demi God (Moana and Hercules), a zoologist (Rampage) or an American football player (The Game Plan).

No matter where you met him, one thing is sure, Dwayne Johnson is full of guts and power, he is successful too!

Dwayne Johnson’s nick name is “The Rock”, if that doesn’t resonate power and purpose then what does?

Being called a rock will remind the bearer of how strong or powerful he is and why he cannot take no or defeat as as a final verdict. He must strive to crush every obstacle that lies along his path to greater heights and success. And that’s what exactly Dwayne has done! Congratulations Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is not only a basketball legend, he is the standard by which all other basketball players are judged. In the few years he played he was dominant, classic, slick and . Was it only his skill that made Michael reigned so? Well he was skillful but
you need to hear his nick name too.

Michael was called “Air Jordan”.

No wonder he could make a dunk from anywhere in the court and also had the jump power of three men. Why because he rides the air effortlessly like an arrow shot from the bows of Legolas.

Being called Air Jordan as a basketball player will influence you positively and and when the going gets tough, you can remind yourself you rule the airways and can do wonders with the ball. It is very empowering nick name.

Usain Bolt

Known as the “lightening Bolt”, this Jamaican race athlete holds the record for both the 100 meters (9.58 seconds) and 200 meters (19.19 seconds). He won three gold medals in three successful Olympic games (Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016) a feat refereed to as the “triple treble”.

Usain Bolt won every race he was in except one, his very last race prior to his retirement. Usain was fast and powerful and decisive and a showman. He loves the camera and would pose for it at every chance doing his characteristic “lightening bolt” stand and celebration.

Being called lightening bolt as a racer will help boost your confidence. You will push you to the limits of your abilities. Nothing is faster than lightening. If you want to stay true to your name you will remind yourself you have to out run every other racer and come out as number one.

What Name Should You Choose?

Now you know that nick names can be empowering or otherwise, you must chose a nick name rocks, lifts your spirit and increases your confidence.

It must be related to your work or your dreams, precise and positive. As a suggestion it mustn’t be long. In fact it must be short enough to be incorporated into your real name.

Examples include Fernando “El Nino” Torres, Segun “Mathematical” Odegbami, Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, to mention a few.

Stop calling yourself Oluftugbon or Erukulakuku, if these words don’t mean a thing. Instead chose names that remind you if who you are and what you want to do.

Now you know

Now you learnt how to choose a nick name that rocks, are you wondering what my nick name is? Well, I won’t tell you. It’s a secret.

If you liked this post and you agreed or not with how empowering nick names can be, comment below, I will love to hear your opinions.

Shisdulo ❤️



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