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How To Choose A Marriage Partner

Marriage someone told me is “like the University, students who are in want to graduate. And those who are out want to get in”. If you have married someone who really makes your life a blessing, you rock, your life will be joyful. But if you by chance marry wrong, life becomes a mess. It’s that bad! It’s great to know how to choose a marriage partner.

This is one of the most important (of not the most important) decisions you will make in your life so its better to relax and rid yourself of the sentimental nonsense about love being blind and try to see reasons why you what to marry him or her.

I know in our secular world, you can right your wrongs by merely getting a divorce. But you don’t have to jump in with both feet only to discover that the river is deep. There will be no need for getting a divorce if you marry someone who brings you joy.

In this post we will be examining if you should marry in the first place, why should you marry and the criteria needed to choose a marriage partner that could ensure you get a beautiful marriage experience.

Should You Get Married?

Well there is only one person in the world who can answer that question. You!

And If you wish to get married, what’s stopping ya! The major thing however is to know why you are doing this. While most people who are getting married in Africa are doing it out of being caught in the web of duty. You should do it….


I mean many get married because of  societal pressures. They believe marriage is inevitable, it should come at a certain age like puberty. They are swept by the wave of norms and they end up with whoever they find around.

To get a happy marriage however, you must plan it, it must be a deliberate effort, a conscious decision, a willful move. You should not do it to please anyone. Not family, not friends, not neighbours or the anyone who believes he or she has a stake in your life.

This decision is yours and yours alone. You own the joys as well as the pains, if you fail to make the right choice, it’s on you, not them.

Now brainstorm and decide if you want to get married. Remember it’s not compulsory to. There are many people who are not married who are happy. To help you decide, the following are some of the reasons why people get married.

Why Do You Want To Get Married?

Different strokes for different folks, they say. Why do you want to get married? Let’s take a stroll down the reasons lane!

1. Partnership

Two heads (two good heads) are always better one. By getting married, you have someone to share your dreams, your triumphs and your pains. You are a two man team playing the tennis of life.

2. Procreation

Children! How we love them! Ask a parent and they will tell you of the bittersweet experience of rearing those little tots. This is majorly why people get married, they wish to reproduce and continue the family tree.How to choose a marriage partner

3. Companionship

Admit it, life can be lonely sometimes. It’s in those times you need a capable company to share your life with. There’s no better companion than a spouse who loves you. Some people often fear of dying and been buried alone in a public cemetery, they get married to ensure this doesn’t happen. Weird.

4. Sex

Yes, sex is an ingredient of a good marriage and some people decide to get married in other to enjoy it anytime they want in the context of their religion.

5. A Contract

Some marriages are arranged to ensure a certain demand or criteria is met. Some people get married to get in contact with the society elites and mingle. By marrying that man or woman they interrelate with powerful people of society.

6. Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that you can’t just imagine doing without them? I have. What do you do to make them stay forever? You marry them.

7. Money

There’s no easier way to get rich than to marry a rich man or woman. If you asked me, its not proper to chose a marriage partner for their wealth.

Who Should You Choose?

These are the few factors you need to put into consideration when choosing a marriage partner.

1. Love

When I say love, I am not referring to that hanky panky back of the seat nonsense they sell on television. I am taking about real love. Love that can stand the test of time, love that can move mountains. This the most important factor ever. You can’t stand your long marriage if you don’t love your spouse truly. Love means learning about him or her day by day and align to their preferences more and more. This should be the bedrock of how to choose a marriage partner.

2. Friendship

Some analysts say, don’t marry your friend. But I say there is no better thing than to marry your best friend. This is big shot in choosing a marriage partner.

3. Being Natural

When you are making this choice, make sure you chose a person who are free with. Don’t be caught up in the web of keeping up appearances and forget to be yourself. They will be married to you, your natural self, not that person you claim to be. Don’t forget that. If you are weird, don’t hide your weirdness, let someone marry you for you.

4. Vision

Marry someone who shares your dreams and vision (No, not the Superhero). Your spouse is a catalyst in career equation, it can either slow it down or speed it up. When he or she ‘sees’ what you are seeing for the future, they will help you make decisions that can spur you forward or make you soar.

5. Faith Or Ideology

You should marry someone who shares your Christian (or whichever one) faith or ideas about life. Conflicting faith or ideology will swiftly lead to tensions that can grow into animosity.

Now You Know

Marriage can be beautiful, it’s just a matter of choosing the best marriage partner. Now that you have learnt how to choose a marriage partner, go and rock.

I remain Yours Truly.

Shisdulo 👫





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