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How To Choose A Football Club To Support

What is lovelier than being a football fan? What can be equated to the ecstasy that you feel when the ball rolls over the  line and into the net? How good do you feel when your team finally lifts the trophy? When the fans sing the club’s anthem? It is good to know how to choose a football club to support.

They are hundreds of football clubs from many nations around the world and many of them are internationally popular. No matter who you are, you will know clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Other popular clubs include, Spurs, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Athletico Madrid.

This post however is not about listing popular clubs and how much money they are worth. It is about the mechanisms by which you choose the football club to support. What is the standard by which one chooses a team? Why are some Chelsea fans while others support bitter rivals Arsenal? Why do they enjoy watching a team and don’t appreciate the  others?

The simple question is why are you a fan of this particular club?

The answer is your PERSONALITY

Personality And The Love Of Football

Like I said, football is beyond the game play, it has gone deep rooted into our lives and got intertwined into our existence. Some of us are so into it, we’ve giving it our devotion, our consciousness and love.

Surely, I have seen people cry bitterly and refuse to eat when their team lost in a final. While that’s quite extreme, fans show their love in different ways from traveling with the team to paying exorbitant fees to see their team play to painting their their house in the club’s colours. No matter how you show yours, you do as a result of your personality.

Every club has its philosophies and though this is not totally true, fans which support this club do so if they subscribe to this philosophy. Generally you can tell how fans of a particular club will act, how they will respond to a victory of defeat.

I don’t know about less known clubs, but I have met different fans supporting the so called big clubs and you can tell which club they support from their countenance and expressions. This buttress my point of personality. Here is a list of eight popular football clubs and the general idiosyncrasies of their fans. This is how you chose a football club to support.

1. Manchester United

With 20 titles, Manchester United is the most successful club in English Football. Manchester United fans are natural winners and they love to do it in style. They are proud of their club and its not strange to see the club’s logo around their house or places of work.

Manchester United fans are good conversationalist and they talk unending about their clubs “glory”. They are also good pundits, analysing the game as it is without letting the love of their club blind them into bias.

2. Real Madrid

With 13 UEFA Champions league titles, this team from Spain is the most decorated club in football history. Real Madrid are the one club that most clubs want to play for. This team are in the habit of buying the best players they can and winning, they give very little room for failure.

Like their club, Real Madrid fans are people who like to use the best material they can get. They believe that is the only way they can win. Guess what, it works wonders for them.

3. Bayern Munich

For them to be the most successful team in Germany, Bayern Munich are hard workers. They don’t spend much money but they manage to get good players who give their best and win.

This philosophy of hard work and wining had rubbed off on Bayern Munich fans and its not strange to see them giving their best in their places of work.

4. Chelsea

This club from London is successful in its own right but it has a scourge of impatience written all over it. They had had 10 managers in the last 10years sacking them even if they won prestigious trophies.

How to choose a football club to support

Like their team, Chelsea fans are impatient and hard to please, looking for instant success everywhere. The passion with which they support their team however is very commendable and they will go on to the crazy lengths to tell you of their achievements.

Chelsea fans are bad pundits, they care about their team too much to not be bias.

5. Arsenal

In the red side of London, the case is totally different. With 14 FA cups trophies, the Gunners are the most successful club in that competition.

The Arsenal philosophies are very simple “Win, but win in the most beautiful of ways” and  “We Are Family, One game, one Arsenal” (Citations are all mine).

That’s why the club plays a beautiful breed of football and it’s ran like a family. Arsenal fans are very loyal people who believe in aesthetics than impatient success. They know that glory will come and they use what they have to get what they want.

6. Liverpool

Over in the Merseyside is a lovely football club called Liverpool. With 5 Champions league titles to their name, they are the most successful English Club in that competition.

Like Arsenal, Liverpool is also ran like family and they have the winning mentality. It’s not rare for an Arsenal fan to also support Liverpool.

Liverpool are master of comebacks (Anyone remembers 2005) and this has influenced their fans. Liverpool fans are lovers of beauty who never give up. They “never walk alone”.

7. Manchester City

I don’t know many Manchester City fans but I know one thing about the club itself. They are master spenders who know how to get what they want. They are like the Real Madrid of England buying out the best players to win trophies.

Judging from this, Manchester United fans will be like Real Madrid fans, spending good money and time on what they want and achieve what they intend to.

8. Barcelona

Classic football club, there is more that meets the eye about this football club. Barcelona are the most stylish club in the either world. Barcelona combines what Liverpool and Arsenal does in beautiful football and dies it even more. This club is a winning club and it does it so much grace, it hurts.

Barcelona fans are stylish individuals who rarely stress themselves. They believe in winning and they will do it not loosing an eye on the fun, the beauty and the excitement it brings.

Now You Know

Profiling through these clubs, you should know which one to support. Now that you have learnt how to choose a football club to support, go ahead and enjoy your football.




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