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In case you are hearing the word ‘Spectranet‘ for the first time, it is a popular 4G data service provider that has occupied most of the Nigerian cities. Though not all areas in Nigeria have been covered by Spectranet data service network, Nigeria major cities such as Port Harcourt, Lagos, Owerri, Abuja, etc. have the network.


Unlike most data service networks who are into other services like the MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9Mobile, the provision of fast and affordable data services seems to be the only work of spectranet. The firm offers WiFi and Mifi for 4G LTE networks to its customers.


You are reading this post because you want to know how to check the data balance in your Spectranet modem. If that is true then you are reading the right post.


We will cover all aspects of ways you can use to check your data balance for spectranet. Using the spectranet data service is a good decision and ensuring you get the status of your data balance regularly is another good decision that will help you avoid the possibility of running out of data and being disconnected from the network.


As a customer of spectranet you can check your data balance any time by doing the following:

  1. Visit and use the ‘Self Care’ menu on the home page to start the process of checking your data balance.
  2. The ‘Self Care’ menu will take you to a clickable button that says “Login to Self-Care” tab the button to move to the next step
  3. With your account details in the spectranet network/website, login by putting your details in the login form and click the ‘send’ below the form. In case you do not understand your login details and password, your modem or any device from spectranet usually comes with user ID and password, those are details you need when accessing the website, you can change the password if you want but you cannot change the user ID.
  4. After the login, you will gain access to your dashboard, there you will list of services and the one that says ‘data balance’ look there you will see three numbers that have colons between them, which is your data balance. The first number is showing how many GB that is remaining in your account, the second number is showing you how many MB remaining in your account, and the last number which is the third number is showing the KB that is remaining in your account.


In Addition, you may save yourself the stress by visiting the “Self Care” website page Directly to login with your User ID and Password. the link to the Self Care service is:


Alternatively, you can check the spectranet data balance from the comfort of your phone, all you need is to do the following:

With your mobile phone visit to get the customer care phone number and save it in your phone afterwards for subsequent uses.


Place a call to the customer care when the agent picks the call to provide your Spectranet identifications and the SIM card number and ask for your data balance. The data balance will be read to you or sent as a text message if you request for it that way.



I hope this post has provided all the information you need to get concerning spectranet data balance checking methods, however, feel free to add or tell us your experience while doing it.



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