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How to check Glo number

calling the customer care center by dialing 121 with a smartphone


As a Glo subscriber, I have seen some people ask me how to know their numbers. It is not a surprise to anyone that you couldn’t know the number in your Glo SIM Card. You are not the first person experiencing the problem. There are thousands of people who are experiencing the same thing. This post will address the challenge and try to make it easy for you to know the number in any type of Glo SIM Card.

Glo network is trying its best to make information readily available to its subscribers and such information includes being able to quickly check the number in your phone SIM Card. Here are simple steps you can use to check your Glo Number:

  1. Dialing the official Glo number 1244
  2. Calling the Glo customer care number 121

Now let me show you how to carry out each task separately.

Dialing the official Glo number 1244

calling the customer care center by dialing 121 with a smartphone

Assuming you choose the option of dialing the code, please ensure your SIM Card is showing enough Glo network this will make it easy to connect when you dial the number. For instance, when dialing from somewhere with a poor network from Glo, there will be a possibility of the call not going through thereby frustrating the effort. To avoid such, always look at your network bars at the upper part of your phone screen to see if it has up to 3 bars before dialing the code.

The number 1244 is officially available to Glo subscribers to check any Number that each Glo SIM Card carries. It is one major way you can use to know your Glo number. To do it:

Dial the number 1244 using your dial button on your phone.

Wait until the call connects to the Glo network.

Listen carefully to the numbers that will be mentioned in the call.

Write out the number with a pen on a piece of paper.

In case you didn’t hear the number mentioned, you can still repeat the process by dialing the number again.

Please note that this service is free and can be tried as many times as possible.

Also, note that you can only do this from a Glo SIM Card meaning that you cannot use another SIM Card like Airtel or Mtn.

Also, note that it will not still work if you are using a Glo SIM Card on the phone to look for a number of another Glo SIM Card. This simply means that you have inserted the Glo sim Card in a mobile phone and dial the code directly from the SIM Card.

Another observation is that the female voice will start immediately by saying “your Glo number is 080……………” once the 11 digits number has been mentioned the call will go off automatically.

Dialing the code 1244 on a smart phone screen

Dialing the code 1244 on a smartphone screen

Calling the Glo customer care number 121

If you are choosing the option of calling the customer care line to know the number your SIM Card carries, the number to call is 121. This number is the official customer care line from the Glo network. The number will not just help you to know the number, it will also give you access to other vital information regarding the services provided by the network.

If you are choosing this option you must be very patient because you need to follow sequential procedures as being instructed by the pre-recorded voice in the Glo customer care service center. The process involves listening carefully to every instruction mentioned and following it until the option that says “…know your Glo number…” then you type the right number required and the number will be mentioned to you.

It is quite possible that you may not see the option that says “…know your Glo number…” while following the voice in the call. In such a case, you will need to wait for a Glo agent top answer your call to make it possible for to ask for your Glo SIM Card number used in calling or the number of another Glo sim Card in your hand but you have to make sure the Glo SIM Card is yours or for someone that you know because the Glo agent may decide to ask you some vital questions regarding the SIM Card.

In case you are trying to know the number of another SIM Card not inserted inside your phone, this option will be the most possible one.

Based on these, it is very obvious that Glo has made valuable efforts to make information readily available to its customers. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity.



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