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How To Check Airtel Tariff Plan

Airtel Special Tariff Plans


Tariff plans has a lot to do with customer’s satisfaction. They are special packages rolled out by almost all the existing telecommunication companies in Nigeria just to ensure their customers get value for every recharge in their network. The benefits of having tariff plans across all network have encouraged many people to subscribe to a better network based on the tariff plan available in such platform.

Meanwhile, the tariff plans of Airtel are not the same as that f Glo network as well as that of the MTN network. This implies that t every telecommunication network has its own tariff plans. Everything is channeled towards customers’ satisfaction.

The reason Tariff plan is very important in the life of present days telephone users is based on the categories of telephone users we have now. There are business-oriented telephone users who spend all their airtime on making calls only.

how to transfer data with AIRTEL Me2U Service

how to transfer data with AIRTEL Me2U Service

We have another type of telephone user who can spend half of their airtime in buying data bundles to access the internet while using the rest for making of few calls.

We have another set of telephone user who can only use their airtime to buy data bundle without keeping any or much for call making.

The majority of our adults dominate the first group. The youths dominate the second group while the adolescents dominate the third group.

Imagine after an airtime recharge by someone in the first group the person receives a huge data bonus for the recharge. The bonus will become a waste and the telephone user will not appreciate it because the free data bonus cannot be used until it has expired.

Therefore, such customer would rather appreciate an airtime bonus to supplement to the large volume calls the customer makes with the credit recharged. Therefore, it is good to be in the tariff plan that offers more bonus to what you consume most.

Data consuming customers should be in the data bonus tariff plan and the calls consuming customer should be in the free calls’ bonus tariff plan. In this case the both will appreciate the bonus from the telecommunication network.

Airtel is one of the giant networks who have rolled out different tariff plans to satisfy it customers and help each group of telephone users utilize their airtime effectively. However, the problem is to know how to migrate to each of the tariff plan.

Airtel Special Tariff Plans

Airtel Special Tariff Plans

Not all Airtel customers know the existing tariff plans in the Airtel network. Some customers stick to the default tariff plan that came with their SIM Card when it was purchased. Hence, if such tariff plan does not fall In their favor, the telecommunication company will start receiving the blame for charging excessively or giving out bonuses that are not useful.

As an Airtel customer, it is your duty to grab much information about the telecommunication network, the tariff plans the network offers, the differences in each tariff plan, and be able to select the most suitable tariff plan that matches what you do often with the Airtel SIM Card.

You are reading this post probably because you want to know how to migrate to a different tariff plan in the Airtel network probably because the tariff plan you are using now is not favoring you or you just want to cruise around the network to understand all the available options for you. Well, that is exactly what I am going to do right now by dropping the simple steps you can you to know the tariff plan you are using and explore options that can help you change your tariff plan.

Follow this procedure to check your Airtel Tariff plan:

Open your phone dial screen

Type the following code and send it *121*3*5#


how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service using smartphone

how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service using smartphone

Wait for some seconds to receive a text message that says ‘your tariff plan is …’

With that code you have been able to know which tariff plan you are using.

In case you find it difficult to dial the code, you can follow it step by step by dialing *121# first then select option 3 and send, in the next popup that will show select 5 and send. Then wait few seconds to receive notification text message.

Another way you can know your current airtime balance code, most network display the airtime balance with some details such as your current tariff plan.

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