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Anytime you subscribe to Airtel data plan and don’t want to be cut unaware of the message that says ‘you have run out of data’ then, you need to follow up by knowing how much data you have consumed within every interval.

The truth is that Airtel will not be sending you a message every time interval to remind you of how much data you have consumed rather except the first message you receive after your data bundle has been activated. It is on this note that you have to keep track of your data usage especially if you usually download stuff online and love watching videos. It is very frustrating to run out of data when you need to do some urgent things online especially checking an urgent email or Whatsapp message as well as updates on social media. Keeping track of your data is the only way of being prepared.

Considering the online research notification concerning those asking for codes that they will use to check their Airtel Data bundle subscription regularly, I thought it will be necessary to drop such a simple tip here for their benefit.

Airtel has numerous data bundle arrangements and almost all have the same code when it comes to checking the balance. As an Airtel subscriber, you can simply dial *140# to know your data balance.

Besides knowing your data balance, *140# will show you the time your data will expire, the time you recharged it, and all the bonus in the data both the used bonus and the unused bonus.

As a matter of fact, *140# is the official code provided by the Airtel network for the checking of data subscription. In other words, it is a data service code for Airtel network,


What Happens When You Dial the Code *140#

The only way to know you have dialed the right code is the popup SMS notification you will receive telling you that SMS will be sent to you shortly. Just a few seconds after that, you will receive an SMS telling you all the details you need to know about your data.

Beside *140# there are other essential codes for Airtel data services such as the popular *123# code use for mobile balance, *123*10# for internet balance, *123*7# Airtel SMS balance, and *123*11# for 3G network data balance, *482# 2G data subscription code, *556# Airtel special offers code, *888# Airtel’s missed calls and notification, *123*6# code for Airtel Night minutes balance, *123*1# this code unveils your minute balance, *123*197# Airtel code for Night data balance, *282# Airtel code for revealing off your number, and *123*10# Airtel code for 2G data balance, and lots of other codes.


How You Can Check Airtel DataData Balance Using the Code *140#

Open your phone dial screen and type the following code *140# and send.

A text message notification will display on your phone screen informing that your request has been received and a message will be sent shortly to you.

In few seconds, a message will come to your phone from Airtel.

Click on the message to read all the information you need to know concerning your data balance.

Note that this service is free and you can try it as many times possible in case you did not get it the first time.



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