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Opay POS Machine


OPay is not a strange word for those familiar with POS business and modern businesses carried out using mobile apps. Opay is a common name among modern businessmen and women. It is obvious that little has been said regarding OPay to enlighten everyone about it and what it has come to do in our social life in terms of payment.

In this post will be discussing the following topics:




According to information released by, Opay is a property owned by Operamini (the popular Operamini you know). OPay is an International Mobile Money Operator founded by a Norwegian Company that also owns Operamini Browser.  Nigeria joined the list of OPay Countries in Africa after it had been established in South Africa and Kenya.


PayCom Nigeria Limited is a mobile money platform launched by Telnet Nig. Limited and had been the Opay Nigeria initial identity. Opera bought PayCom in 2017 and it had operated in Nigeria for seven years this automatically made Opera the owner of PayCom services which was changed to Opay Nigeria.


Now you have known how Opay came to Nigeria, you can use this opportunity to dive into the Opay business to make money for yourself.



You are reading this post because you probably want to know more about Opay, How to make Money with Opay, and lots more. This post will give you all the answer you seek.


Making money with Opay is very simple all you need is to understand how they operate. Unlike Paga, QuickTeller, FirstMonie, and Pocketmonie, etc. Opay is unique in its way.


There are many options available for you when it comes to making money with Opay. After your registration, you can start by sending and receiving money for people in the form of business within your locality.


You can be paying bills for customers or people within your area. The bills are utility bills such as electricity, waste management, and Cable network subscriptions, etc.


Airtime and Data payments. Opay can enable you to sell Data and Airtime (Recharge Card) to your customers.


The above possible transactions are not all Opay can offer more possibilities of the company keeps increasing on daily basis. Meanwhile, you can make the main services become the centre of your business within your neighbourhood and earn your commission.




To become an Opay agent you need to meet certain requirements such as:

You need to be very literate in reading, writing, and fluent in communication.

You need to have a good smartphone that can handle Opay App operations efficiently. Remember that the smartphone has to be modern and quality android phones or iPhones.

Your business will need a location. By that, I mean a small shop where people can sit down while attending to them.

Your advertising skill and ability to figure out what people need most in the list of Opay service can place you ahead.

Nevertheless, there is the official documentation that will be required from you by the Opay before becoming their agent, the documentations will require that you provide your BVN, your Passport Photograph, your utility bill such as electricity bill, means of identification such as your voter’s card or National ID card, and your CAC document if you registered the business name otherwise you can skip it because it is optional. Those are what you will use during the registration of your account.




Opay offers you numerous benefits as an agent.  The list of benefits is not limited to making money alone but giving access to special financial mobility.

Opay makes you an expert in mobile money transactions, within minutes you can send and receive money from anyone.

Opay offers you electronics wallet that enables quick payments and cash withdrawal.

You can register and become an agent of Opay without any money in the account. In other words, you can become an Opay agent without committing any money first as a registration fee or as a mandatory rule.

Opay service centre is 24hours ready to attend to the Opay agents when any assistance is needed.

As an Opay agent, all your transactions are without any charges.




Open your android phone and click on the Google play icon to launch your Google play. Or just click HERE to access Opay application on your Google play store.

Download/Install the app into your phone and initiate your registration process in the app using your phone number.

Opay registration Process

Opay registration Process




Contact the customer service in Opay to send your form for registration.

The next step is to put all the required information in the form and include all the required documentation that will accompany the form such as those listed on the requirement paragraph (your passport Photograph, electricity bill, etc.)

Opay registration Process

Opay registration Process



When you have completed all the process, submit the form and reach out to the customer service again to notify them about the submission. Your account will get ready for transactions instantly.

To reach out to the customer service after submission, tap the chat button and fill your details on the chat form using the same details you used for the registration. Initiate a chat with the agent and provide basic information about the registration and everything will be made ready for you.

The next step is to apply for a POS from Opay. This will require you to fill another form which will be an upgrade to your account to what is known as ’know your customer level’. This process is not instant and the POS is free, Opay will take time to process your application and notify you when the POS is ready. You can make an arrangement to go and pick it up.

At this stage you are ready to launch your full Opay POS Business centre and that making transactions.

Opay POS Machine

Opay POS Machine






Your commission apparently depends on the services and your level. ‘Academic related’ noted an average of N61, 243 per month for most Opay agents. However, your roles will make a huge difference in terms of earnings.

The following roles are among the list of roles in the Opay system:  Business Developer, Customer care advisor, customer service officer, customer support executive, digital marketer, engineer, and lots more.





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