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How To Become A Good Writer

Writing is the ability to communicate ideas, pass information through written words. However, becoming a good writer is not rocket science, it only requires putting in conscious effort/ measures to be able to achieve that.

Below are some tips on how to become a good writer;

Develop A Daily Writing Habit

As the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect. To be able to write efficiently you need to set aside about 15-20 minutes each day to write. When this habit becomes a part of you, you are definitely on the path to becoming a good writer because it makes you better with each passing day. Writing daily forces you to come up with new ideas regularly. It also refines your communication skills.

Read Daily

It is impossible to be an excellent writer and not be a daily reader. They go hand in hand. The best writers are readers. Reading regularly is an effective way to develop your writing skills. Reading makes you pay attention to the sentence, structure, and word choice of the author, making it possible for you to develop your good writing pattern. It also builds your vocabulary, because you get to learn new words daily which will be very helpful to you. The more you read, the more you are likely to develop an eye for what makes a piece so effective and unnecessary mistakes to avoid.

Quit Finding Perfection On Your First Draft

Truth is, almost all beautiful writings had drafts that likely ended up in the bin. What this means is first drafts are not always perfect it will contain flaws. Don’t beat up yourself if you don’t create a masterpiece on the first attempt. Once you start writing your first draft, avoid going back and forth to correct errors. Just keep it flowing, then after you are done, you can go back and start correcting errors. These days, technology has made it easier where one can use different writing apps to check up on errors in your work.  One thing you should know is even the best writers spend a lot of time editing their work.

Ask For Feedback From Friends/ Colleagues

This tip is very good, because the best way to find out how good or bad your writing is, is when someone reads it. Getting feedback from your friends and colleague will give you a window into how other people perceive your ideas. You might write a work that is beautiful to you, but when your friends or colleagues read it, they can even detect errors which you never saw. The more often you take their criticism, the more capable you’ll be to reinforce your voice and identify with your audience.

Find Your Niche

All great writers have a certain niche where they thrive effortlessly. Just find out your area of interest, it could be self-development, poetry, culture, poem, travel, etc. Harness your writing skill on that particular area of interest you want to write about. When you have discovered your niche, write more often on that area and trust me, you will keep getting better and doing it effortlessly.


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