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How To Be Indispensable

There is always that person in an establishment which is close to being irreplaceable. Just imaging your place of work without hard working Mr Mike or friendly Mrs Johnson and you will find that things will lag. Those people are special because they know how to be indispensable.

Why do you feel this? What is special about this people that will make people miss them so? Can you always be like them? If yes, how can you become so important to your boss, team, relationship or establishment that they can’t imagine themselves without you?

Being indispensable is one of the greatest achievement you can work for if you want to be the best in your chosen field. You will be the driven force of the game, the central focus, the face of the company and the performer who the search light always follow.

By knowing how to be indispensable you will enjoy some rare benefits, become the fans favourite and have a say in matters that really matter. You will also climb up the corporate ladder more quickly and without hassles because the management will feel in correctness that you are the right man or woman for the job and no one could do it more better than you can.

Being indispensable shouldn’t however be confused with irreplaceable. Everyone can be replaced. It’s your job is to make it hard for your company, firm, team or spouse of ever thinking of replacing you.

So how do you become indispensable in the field of life you have chosen, let’s find out!

Indispensability Can Be Leant!

Like playing the free kick, being indispensable is a skill. No one was born with this ability, its something we took upon ourselves and decided to master. And master it you shall.

Instead of you watching helplessly as that great co worker of yours scoop all the praises, bonuses and benefits that comes with the wonderful job he is doing, you will learn to enter the circle of indispensability and enjoy it with him or her. It’s a new year and let those days of moaning and feeling helpless be gone, let them fly out of the window. If you want something, go get it. If you put in the required effort then it will be yours.

Characteristics of Indispensable People

The easiest way of learning something is to have someone who know it teach you or see the process from those who do it. To learn to be indispensable, you need to study which features are exhibited by people showing such ability.

Here are some of the features that defines indispensable people.

1. They Are Hard Workers

I haven’t seen one indispensable person who is lazy, if you have, kindly give me his number. Anyways, you need to put the real hard work if you ever hope to achieve your goal.

You have to show up for your work and do it with a unrivaled dedication. That should be your trade make. And you should do what is necessary not just what is easy. The old maxim “do your best and leave the rest” should not hold water in your mentality. Instead you should do whatever it takes to get the job done.How to be indispensable

Remember your purpose in the company or team is not just to carry your own weight. It’s to make sure the ship moves and doesn’t sink even if you will be plugging holes in departments that are not remotely yours.

This doesn’t mean you should be interfering in other department’s matters, instead you should be available should the need arise for someone to stand in. Sounds like hard work, yes it is, but hard work sure pays. The champions are most often times than none the hardest workers.

2. They Are Reliable

Even after called on at a totally inconvenient hour, indispensable people will show up. They are almost as reliable as the Sun and they don’t leave a stone unturned to get the job done

3. They Are Passionate

You can never move from a casual 9-5 worker to being indispensable if you are not passionate about your work, team or establishment. To be passionate however you must do a job that you love or enjoy doing. If you hate your current job, I advice you to get out of there in no time.

Doing a task you don’t have passion for is like fetching a bucket of water with a spoon, it’s not only energy sapping, it’s annoying. It’s your passion for excellence that spur you on to becoming indispensable. Go and see how Christian Ronaldo plays football.

4. Jack Of All Trade, Master Of Some

Unlike the saying, indispensable people are Jack of All trades and masters of one, two or more in the establishment. They have a job in the company in which they have perfected such that their boss and co workers can’t imagine themselves without him. Show me that man who has rising to the occasion and monopolize that important task without which the company will fail and I will show you a man who knows how to be indispensable.

5. They Are Leaders And Doers

To be indispensable you should be a leader and a doer. You are the one who plays with the team and be the “We” guy not “I” guy. Always ready to take the lead and spurring others to do better than they think they can. You are that guy who puts his neck on the line and take blames and claims responsibility. Leaders don’t fold their hands and wait for others to solve problems, they go out there, find the problems and fix it.

6. They Are Relatable

For you to lead a group, you have to connect to them. Communication is key for connection and a relatable character is easy to follow than a scourge. Being open to ideas, flexible to others opinions and taking them into consideration makes them warm and relatable. You also have to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their own perspectives.

Now You Know

Being indispensable is not so withing that happens overnight but it is a blessing if you know how to be indispensable to your company, your spouse, your relationships, and your society.







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