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How To Be Grateful And Thankful

Being grateful for things you have goes a long way to helping you maintaining a healthy body and sustaining a sharp mind. Everywhere you go, you will see gloomy faces, distorted visages and complaining hearts, as if as big as our world is, everything in it is a source of pain. You need to know how to be grateful and thankful.

If you sit down however and try to think, you will find that the there are many aspects of your life that you should be thankful for. Instead of whining and complaining and boring everyone to death about how life has been unfair to you, make a list of those aspects of your life that are going on well.

This post is focussed on things that you should be thankful for. If your life rock in these aspects, why do you have a long face?

These are the ten things I think every one should be grateful for.

1. Good Health

A saying goes thus “when the body is strong, it obeys. When it’s weak it leads”. Above anything in life, a fresh dose of health every morning is much more than gold, silver and all the money you want through out your life time. Whenever you are healthy, be very thankful!

2. Great Family

No man is an island and no one is closer to you than your family. A lot of people are orphans and others moved form one foster home to another while growing up. But you have your family supporting and believing in all those crazy ideas of yours. You should be thankful that you are not alone.

3. Friends!

You should smile as you read the word friends. The face of your very good friends should pop into your mind and you should have a good laugh about it.
Friends are everything.

From being there for you at your worst to laughing at your not-so-funny jokes and subscribing to your weird sometimes counter productive ideas, you should be grateful for your friends.

You might have the whole world, but even the world is not enough without someone to share it with.

4. Your Spouse

Like your friends, your spouse is someone with whom you share your happy and sad days. Do you have an understanding spouse? You should be more than grateful.

How to be grateful and thankful

A lot of people want a great spouse but unfortunately they don’t have that opportunity. You should glad you know how to be grateful and thankful.

5. Freedom

If you know how many people are in prison maybe you might be grateful of your freedom. The ability to be free is the ability to explore and grow. As long as you are not in the slams, you’d better celebrate it. It’s little things like this we don’t appreciate that have such a great significance.

6. Fresh Air

If you ever lived near an industrial plant you will appreciate the smell of fresh air. Fresh air is therapeutic and it should be appreciated every time. Is your air fresh, you’d better celebrate.

7. Good Food

About one third of world live in poverty and not many people can put food in their tables three times daily.
So if you can get food on your table, be thankful for it. Share your food if you have it in abundance.

8. Good Weather

Every weather has its own advantage and disadvantages. However, people seem to be happy on sunny days. Do you have a great sunshine or joyful breeze, it’s worth being grateful for. Cold days are also worth being celebrated. No matter what weather you have, it should be appreciated.

9. Good Housing

Some people sleep on the streets, on the hard floor in the cold. You should appreciate your bed and the warmth of your house.

10. Football

Nothing beats a good football match! This is coming from a football fan. Are they doing very well. Is your team on a winning streak? Are they destroying other teams? You should be grateful about it. Some teams are on the brink of relegation.

Now you Know

This has been a rollercoaster year so far, and it can be better if you know how to be grateful and thankful. So don’t go around with gloomy faces all the time, smile and be thankful all the time.



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