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After making deep research to understand how to bake a simple cake, I came across a wonderful tutorial that clearly explains it all. However, the cake is not your regular butter cake rater it is a simple vanilla cake. Great thanks to Stephanie Jaworski at

In her tutorial, a detailed explanation was given on how you can prepare a simple vanilla cake. Just relax and go through this post to understand the way you can bake such cake at the comfort of your kitchen. The vanilla cake has its fat in liquid form as oil rather than the usual butter. It has a moist and tender appearance just like a pound cake. And can stay undried for a longer time in a refrigerator.

Stephanie used some grated lemon outer skin for flavoring however, you can use lime or orange grated outer skin. Though you can use any type of oil for the vanilla cake, olive oil was used to prepare this one because of the deep flavor it offers. Based on deep flavor, if you can’t use lemon grated outer skin you can go for flavored olive oil.




Here are steps to prepare your vanilla cake:

Mix your All-Purpose flour (390g) with baking powder (10g) and salt (2g).

Add grated lemon outer skin into the granulated white sugar (400g).

Making the Dough for Agege Bread

Use your stand mixer to mix the (sugar & grated lemon outer skin), 4 raw eggs, and 1 & half teaspoons of vanilla extract (i.e. 6g). Operate the mixer for about a minute until everything becomes creamy and smooth.

Divide the mixed flour into three sections, also the milk and oil in two sections. Then turn the stand mixer to start running at low speed. Add the first portion of the mixed flour into the mixer and add the first portion of the milk & oil. Add the second section of the mixed flour once the first content in the mixer has been mixed properly and add the second section of the milk & oil, allow the content to mix properly before adding the last portion of the mixed flour.

The next step is to prepare your pans for the cake (9×2 inch cake pan i.e.23x5cm). Provide two round cake baking pans and clean it up then place parchment paper beneath each pan and spray some non-stick vegetable spray.

Divide the batter you have mixed in the stand mixer into two equal parts. Put one part to one pan and one part to the other part smoothing the tops to have even surface using the back of your spoon.

Preheat your oven to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 180 degrees Celsius. Place an oven rack in the middle of the oven.

Put the cake pans inside the oven and allow it to bake for about 25minutes to 30minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake falls out. At this point, the cake springs back when you press it lightly on its center.

Bring out the cake and allow it to cool for about 10minutes before removing it from the cake pan.

The next step is to frost the cake.

Prepare soaking syrup (water 120ml, sugar 50g) by boiling water and sugar for about a minute, stir until the sugar dissolves. Add alcohol to it after it has cooled. You can prepare the soaking syrup ahead and store it in your refrigerator.

Prepare a Cream Cheese Frost (package full-fat cheese 227g, Tub of Mascarpone cheese 227g, pure vanilla extract 4g, confectioners’ sugar sifted 115g, cold heavy whipping cream 300ml) by beating the cream cheese and mascarpone cheese with an electric mixer until it becomes smooth. Add confessional sugar and vanilla and beat again until it becomes airy and light.

Use the cream you have prepared to wrap the cake for beauty and to keep it moist. However, to keep the inside of the cake moist, you cut the cake from the side into two equal round cakes.

Use the soaking syrup you have prepared earlier to spray smoothly and evenly with a brush on the internal layers of the cake then add a little portion of the cream you prepared on the surface and use a spoon to help it have an even surface before dropping the other piece of round cake on it. After that, wrap the entire body with the remaining cream and add any kind of design you may like on the top of the cake cream.

The cake can stay up to 4days in the refrigerator.


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