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How To Backup Your iPhone Data On iCloud, Window, & Mac

How To Backup Your iPhone Data On iCloud, Window, & Mac


Running backup steadily on your iPhone is the surest way of retaining ytour data and possible restore if you lost your data in the iPhone. You can lose your data if you lose the phone or if you run into software problems while using the iPhone.  As a unique phone with special features iPhone has many options when it comes to data backup. You can backup your data on iPhone using icloud account, you can do that using your Mac, and you can as well backup using your window computer.

When it comes to options available for backups using iphones, backup on personal computer appear to be the most secured and reliable backup. There are believe that Apple retained the ability to decrypt most of the data in iCloud backup at the request of government agencies as stated HERE. This probably makes impossible to rely wholly on iCloud backup especially if you want total privacy for your data.

However, you still have the option of local backup. This simply means backup on your Device storage space rather than that of iCloud. You can backup on Mac as well as your window computer and that is applicable to other Apple phones such as iPad, iPod touch, etc. the most common is the computer backup because of the privacy it offers and easy control of your data and restore when necessary.

You are reading this probably because you want to backup your apple phone such as iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, if that is the case you are reading the right post. I will be explaining how to back up your data to iCloud and computer.



To do backup with iCloud your apple phone needs to have wi-Fi connection on it. In other words, your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi network that could make the file backup easier.

On your apple device, go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Your Name’ then click the iCloud button with iCloud icon beside it. The button is located below the list of other items.

When the iCloud button opens, click on the ON/OFF option for the ‘iCloud Backup’. By default the button is always OFF, turn it ON and click the ‘Backup Now’ button below it.

To ensure the backup command is executed completely you need to stay connected to the Wi-Fi until the backup completes. To know when the backup has finished go back to the settings and click ‘your name’ then the ‘iCloud’ button, then the ‘iCloud Backup’. Below the ‘Backup Now’ the details of the last backup will be showing such as the time and date when you see that then your backup has completed otherwise you will see the ‘in progress’ signal on the space.

However, you can still carry out backup with iCloud automatically on your apple device. This makes it possible to backup your device automatically every day, it is not a difficult task all you need is simple settings on your device. Navigate to your ‘iCloud Backup’ in ‘Settings’ > {your name} >iCloud >iCloud Backup. Turn the button ON. Plug your device to a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network. The device screen equally needs to be locked.

However, before the automatic backup begins you can check to know if you have enough space available in your iCloud for the backup by default you have 5GB space in your iCloud you can buy more space if you need to save more data beyond the free space provided.



The easier way to backup with your computer is to connect the device to it. Once you connect your device with specified cable a message make pop out asking you if for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, you ae required to follow the prompts on the screen to get the device connected to the computer if you forgot your device passcode you can get assistance here. Assuming you did not get the mentioned signal, you can locate your device on the computer otherwise read more on what to do.

For any Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 launch your Finder while Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a PC, open iTunes to access your device after connecting it on the Mac. Then follow the same on-screen prompts listed earlier.

You can backup your device directly on the computer just after the connection has been established and you have the option of encrypting the backup. However, when the backup does not contain sensitive information such as your health and activity data you may not need to encrypt the backup otherwise you can encrypt and create a memorable password for the backup so that no one can access the file without your permission. Once you identify your device on the computer, check to see if everything is find and then click on the “Back Up Now” button to commence.

I hope this post actually solved your problem, however, you can still use the comment section to ask for further assistance.

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