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As guys, most or all of us get to the point of our lives at which we begin to feel the need to have someone special to talk to, share intimate moments with, give our hearts to, and live the good life with. To many getting to that emotional crossroad of life is inevitable. As social beings, the urge to have a companion is inescapable.

In line with this, when it comes to making it known to that special girl that you are interested in becoming a pair with her, it becomes a little less difficult than rocket science. Just like the courtship behaviours in male animals, some efforts need to be put into the task when trying to make that girl yours.


Thus, I want to use this medium to give you highly guaranteed tips on how to tie the love knot with that girl who already has your heart and attention.


1. Clue that you need a date by requesting that you both go for a fun outing.

This will show her you’re intrigued without you having to straightforwardly state it. Tell her about something fun you will like to do together, and inquire as to whether she’s keen on doing it. On the off chance that she agrees, recommend you hang out. In the event that she’s not intrigued, propose something you realize she prefers. In the event that she actually says she’s not intrigued, it’s ideal to proceed onward.

For example, say, “The carnival is coming up and I’m considering going, are you also interested?

As another model, say, “It’s been long since I went bowling. Do you wanna?

2. Be straight to the point and request a date if you are bold enough.

Being direct is the most ideal approach to get a date, though you might be turned down. Tell the young lady that you’re keen on going out with her, at that point recommend a date.

3. Make her feel special on the date by given her attention.

Your date is your opportunity to establish a decent connection with her. Be pleasant to her, and give her your complete focus the whole time.

Here are a few different ways to show her you care about her:

Set your phone aside.

Ask her a ton of questions.

Look at her without flinching while she’s talking.

Ask her how she’s doing.

Offer her compliments.

4. Request for a second date at the end of the outing.

Tell her you had a great time and need to see her once more. At that point, follow-up after your date with a text message or call to tell her you made some great memories.

Say, “I’d love to take you out once more.

You can likewise request the second date later, on the off chance that you like. For example, you may message her subsequently to say you had a great time and request for another date.

In case you’re a grown-up, it very well might be ideal to stand by a couple of days.

5. Invest energy on her to make your relationship develop.

How long you spend together face-to-face will rely upon your age and your own schedule. Text her day by day to stay in contact, and connect via online media, on the off chance that you both use it. Give a valiant effort to plan standard dates or joints, regardless of whether you’re simply seeing each other at school. Moreover, put forth an attempt to sit by her when you’re in a class or occasion together.

You’ll probably go on a couple of dates or message each other for some time before you request that she be your better half. Attempt to show restraint since surging things can drive her away.

Talking, messaging, and hanging out together will assist you with extending your relationship with her, which can further boost you to persuade her to be your better half.

6. Request that she be your girlfriend in person when you feel prepared.

Take her to a place where you can be separated from everyone else, at that point let her realize that you truly like her. Reveal to her that you trust you can be complete, at that point inquire as to whether she’ll be your girlfriend.

Say, “I’ve had some good times with you, and I believe it’s time we made this official. Will you be my girlfriend?

7. Text her to find out if she’ll be your girlfriend in case you’re timid.

Message is a great choice for expressing your feelings without having to face her in person. Type out how you feel about her, at that point ask her to be your sweetheart. Don’t message her again until you get a response.

You may say, “These previous weeks have been stunning. Wanna make it official and be my sweetheart?

8. Stay quiet and regard her opinions in the off chance that she says no.

While dismissal feels horrible, it’s something everybody goes through. Advise yourself that she probably isn’t attempting to offend you, and she may have reasons that have nothing to do with you. Acknowledge her answer smoothly, at that point reach out to somebody who cares about you for help.

Say, “I understand. Thanks for being straightforward with me.

If you prefer not to converse with somebody about your feelings, do something different , such as going for a run, that can help you cope with your feelings.


Now that you’ve found out how to ask a girl out, proceed to get that special lady.



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