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How to achieve all round fitness

First of all, before getting into the details, we have to define fitness; Fitness is the condition of being fit, the cultivation of an attractive, healthy physique and lifestyle.
        How to develop your fitness
Before we discover how to develop our fitness skills, we need to have the knowledge that fitness is a lifestyle and a skill. Therefore, during fitness training, we need to develop our skills by:
a) Finding our motivation:
You need to find out what motivates you to continue your fitness journeys like a daily reminder or a picture on your wall etc. Using this tip, you can improve your fitness in the long run.
b) Set your goals: 
Provide a target for yourself and work towards it and try to achieve the improvements that you are looking for. e.g working towards weight loss from 100kg to 90kg or reducing bat wings on your arms or getting a flat tummy.
c) The saying that goes:
Abs are made in the kitchen” is very important in fitness training. Always be on a good diet and get your diet plan from your instructor or online.
(Note: You can get a good diet plan from in their weight loss food timetable). Know that a diet plan doesn’t stop you from being creative with your food ideas.
d) Measure your progress and be honest with yourself.
e) Adapt your workouts to your body:  
As you progress each week, try to change your workouts to maintain progress, increase your weight lifting, cardio exercises to suit your progressive strength and endurance.
f) Don’t make things too hard/too fast.
g) Include variety of exercises in your workout plan.
h) Eliminate unhealthy choices.
i) Drink Water:
Drink lots of water at least 8 or 10-ounce glasses of water each day to stay hydrated.
j) Quit smoking:
Stop the habit of smoking as soon as possible.
k) Consult Your Doctor:
See your doctor ask for health and diet tips.
l) Alcohol Consumption:
Cut down on your alcohol consumption or quite totally if possible.
         Tips for improved fitness:
1) Exercise or participate in any moderate physical activity for at least an hour daily.
2) Portion each meal with a portion plate or with a measurement spoon.
3) Keep track of calories and food intake per day; make sure your DCI(Daily Caloric Intake) as a woman is at least 1,500 calories and as a man; at least 2,500 calories.
4) Be sure to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each day.
5) Stay positive.
6) Have fun.
7) Relax and don’t put your body under stress all day, every day. Set some rules. Meditate, laugh, enjoy, Surround yourself with positive people and good energy.
You could also check out this diet plan:
   I wish you good luck on your fitness journey 😉👍.

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