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How To Ace An Interview

How To Ace An Interview

If you are scared of public speaking you will  have problems with acing an interview. Interviews are designed to introduce the potential job seeker to his would be employers so as to access his competence, readiness and willingness to work in their establishment. There is no magic formula in how to ace an interview, it can be learnt like a, b, c.

Contrary to most people think, an interview is not to screen people out.  Yes, you gave submitted a resume and a cover letter that you’ve introduced yourself with but anyone can write anything, an interview is where you put your skills and abilities where your mouth is.

Skills set are not the only things your employers try to authenticate. They seek to access your sociability, degree of responsibility and your composure under pressure and in the presence of superiors.

All things being equal, passing an interview doesn’t have anything to do with your connections or how well you know your job. It deals mainly about how you can print your impression in the your interviewers such that they ‘think’ you are the best for the job.

It’s like an audition. Many people come for the part of a character but only one or two would make a lasting impression on the judges.

This post will be addressing some do’s and dont’s on how to ace an interview and avoid a bumpy ride. Just how do you ace your interview, let’s find out!

Interviews Anyone!

An interview like I said is designed to test your abilities socially and intellectually and to see if your are employable by the company. Truth be told, most Nigerian graduates are unemployable and the company does a great deal of good for itself as it screens out which ones are and if they can cope with the demands of the Labour market.

No matter how hard they appear and stern their faces look, interviewers are just like me and you. Everyone has a weak link in his psychological chain and it’s your job as a job seeker to find out this link and exploit them for your own good.

The key to being employed or selected for internship is to make your self likable. Naturally people show preference to what they like. Making your interviewers like you gives you an edge over the others and makes you appear more competent.

So how do you get into your interviewer’s head and create the impression that will make him or her  take a liking to you? Before we answer these question let’s analyse some things needed to be done before you see the interviewer.

Do you want to ace that interview, here are some do’s.

1. Dress Nicely

I probably don’t need to tell you this, we all know we are accessed based on how we are dressed. Your outfit is the first determinant your interviewer gauges who you are. You want to make a great impression.How to ace an interview

If you have all the talent or skill in the world, you won’t even get through the door of you are not dressed nicely. Ideally you should be corporate. A suit always work wonders. Choose a nice colour. Black is the most common but if your want to be different from the pack and I am sure you, you should chose another colour.

Blue or brown is good or even white. But don’t wear very bright colors like red, yellow or orange, they would be sending the wrong impression.

2. Be Punctual

Punctuality, they say is the soul of business. It’s good manners if you get to your interview in time, it shows that take your employers serious. Being late shows negligence and unreliability and that’s not the first impression you want to make. Get to your interview on time, this gives you time to relax, gather your composure and be generally ready.

3. Do Your Research

Before you come for an interview do your research about the company. If possible be knowledgeable about when, how and where the company started. Who is the CEO? What is the motto? Do you know the name or names of your interviewers or what the company is worth on the stock market? Just get random information about them, they love it when they know you are serious about them.

4. Show Courtesy

Nothing ruins your chances like having bad manners. Your character and attitude towards things helps a great deal. Showing courtesy betters your chances. Greet everyone present when you arrive, exchange pleasantries with other job seekers. Smile at the receptionist, shake hands with the secretary. Give honour to who deserves it and who deserves it not. If you are warm to the receptionist be also warm to the doorman.

5. Put Your Eyes On The Prize

Remember you came here to secure a job, don’t get carried away by idle talk. Yes you could start a conversation with other job seekers but don’t dwell into unnecessary discussions and argument. I heard of a group of job seekers who started discussing football so hard they started to make noise in the waiting room. You don’t want to do that.

So you are in with your interviewer or interviewers, this is what you need to do let’s get to the psychological tricks you need.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

As you enter the office, greet your interviewers looking directly into their eyes. Maintaining eye contact shows self confidence and that you really mean business.

7. Don’t Sit Until Offered

Hey, don’t take their sit until they ask you too. If you do, they will label you rude or too forward. You might think it’s a sign of confidence but it will boomerang.

8. Answer Questions Sincerely

Don’t try to unnecessarily impress them if you know something you think they don’t know. Answer the questions they ask you sincerely and don’t digress into other topics without need.

9. Tailor Your Answer According To Your Interviewer

If you are trying to give a contemporary answer to an interviewer born in the sixties, it might well backfire. The time your interviewer was born has a great influence on his personality and he will want answers based on that.

If he is around 70-80 years old, give answers that speaks of your loyalty. For 50-70 year olds, speak about your hard work and admire the commitment they have put in their work all these time. 30-50 years old, emphasize about how you balance your work and life and how creative you are. And finally if he is about 20-30, focus on your ability to multi-task and bring along visual copies of your work.

10. Palm Movement is Essential

To show that you are relaxed in their presence placed your palm open and freely. This also shows sincerity and openness. Avoid gesticulating. Placing your hand downwards shows domination, nobody likes to be dominated.

11. Use Compliments And Humour

This is a very tricky thing to do. Humour and compliment can serve you if well placed and timely used. If not it back fires hard. Generally I suggest you stay away from this it if you are daring like me, you might still give it a shot. It works wonders when used well.

12. Show Your Potential

When asked show your potential, don’t hold back on your intelligence. If you know something tell them with all your might.

Now You Know

How To Ace an interview is like wooing a girl, if done right you have her in the palm of your hand. Do you know any more, why don’t you share it with me. Love to hear from you. Alright then, see you later.

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