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How Do You Get a USPS PO Box?

PO Box

Often known as the USPS Po Box, the United States Postal Services (USPS) post office (PO) box is a lockable box located at the post office with a post office address. It is used for communication or to accept packages. So, are you having difficulties getting your mail delivered to your home or business premises? With a USPS PO Box, you are covered. The importance of getting a USPS PO Box cannot be overstated, especially for people and businesses who live in areas where mail cannot be delivered directly to them. It is encouraging, however, to know that obtaining a USPS PO Box is simple and involves stress-free steps. So, how do you get a USPS PO box?

Individuals or businesses interested in owning a USPS PO box can comfortably do so by rental. Renting a USPS PO Box requires an application, and we will go over the two application methods.  There are two ways to apply for a USPS PO Box. These include:

 1) Completing an online application

 2) Filling out a postage stamp application at the post office

PO Box
PO Box

Online Application Process For USPS PO Box

 Interested in renting a USPS PO box through an online application? This post lays out simple steps for you to follow. The following actions must be taken in order to complete the online application at

 1. Use the search bar under “Reserve a New PO Box” to find post office locations near you.

 2. From the drop-down menus, choose a post office location, PO Box size, and payment period.

 3. To reserve your post box, enter your contact and billing information.

 However, you might want to have your payment automatically renewed, and the following steps should suffice.

Go to “Manage Account” and enter your credentials.

On the “Manage Your Account” tab, locate your PO Box and click “Setup Auto-Renew.”

You can change your payment period and enroll in automatic renewal if you wish.

 More so, the application procedure also includes instructions for linking one’s new account to an existing account. If this looks like you, sign in by clicking “Link” on the page; enter your PO Box number, ZIP code, and last name or company name; confirm and submit your PO Box information.

Submitting An Application At The Post Office For USPS PO Box

 An in-person application is another option for obtaining a USPS PO Box. To begin, fill out PS Form 1093, which is the PO Box application form, with all the essential information. This form is generated during the application process if you apply online. The next step is to take a copy of the completed form to a post office that offers window services, together with two forms of approved US identification for verification. Note that entering false information on the PO Box application or refusing to supply required information will result in the application being denied or the service being terminated.


Required Identities (IDs)

Reserving a PO box means you must bring the required and appropriate identification with you, whether you are applying online or in person. Two acceptable forms of identification (one photo identification and one non-photo identification) are necessary whether you apply online or at a post office. Both must be up to date. The following are acceptable types of identification:

Options for photo identification

 • A valid driver’s license or a state non-identity driver’s card in the United States

• An employee identity card from the United States Armed Forces, the government, a university, or a well-known corporation

• A passport, passport card, alien registration card, or naturalization certificate

Options for non-photo identification

• A current lease, mortgage, or trust deed;

• a voter registration card or a vehicle registration card; and

• a home or vehicle insurance policy.

With them, one may easily enroll and select the size of his or her PO Box, providing they have met the age requirement for application. 

Furthermore, one might ask, is there a minimum age requirement to apply for a USPS PO Box? The answer is obviously yes. To apply for a USPS PO Box online, you must be at least 18 years old. However, if you are under 18, worry less. People under the age of 18 (referred to as minors) can get a USPS PO Box by going to a local post office and filling out an application in person, unless the parent or guardian of the minor submits an objection in writing to the appropriate postmaster. But note that minors are not allowed to apply online.

Similarly, getting a USPS PO Box is not a free adventure. To secure your USPS PO Box, you will have to pay a rental fee. The amount is determined by some factors, including location, duration of rent, and box size. 

The USPS offers five distinct sizes of PO Boxes. The smallest box (Size 1) can hold up to two rolled magazines or 10–15 letter-sized envelopes. Starting with a size 2 box is a good place to start if you receive more than 15 mail pieces a week. Make sure the size you choose is appropriate for your mail volume and schedule. 

In addition, after obtaining your USPS PO Box, there could be unavoidable changes to your home address or business address. This would bring to mind the question of whether it is possible to change a PO Box address. The answer is yes. It might be interesting to know that an individual change of address order can be filed by the PO Box customer or anybody else mentioned on the PS Form 1093. Notably, a change of address order for a full family can only be submitted by a box customer.

In summary, obtaining a USPS PO Box is not as painstaking as some may think. A USPS PO box of any size can be rented by applying online or at a post office, which does not have to be the one where the box service is needed. Both methods entail procedures that must be followed precisely and are aided by certain required identities.

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