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How to handle being in love with two persons at the same time


It may sound irrational to hear that someone is romantically interested in two different persons, nonetheless it actually happens. Polyamorous people, that is people who are romantically attracted to lots of people at once, certainly do exist.

Even though it is normal to be in love with two persons at once, this could be detrimental especially if you are already in a relationship with one of these persons. Thus, it is paramount to learn how to solve the problem of being in a relationship with two persons at once.


In line with that, this article is aimed at giving the masses tips on how to handle being emotionally connected to two persons at the same time.


This could be achieved through the following ways:

1. Figure out whether you are having an affair based on emotions.

In case you’re seeing someone at the present, two individuals can present issues. On the off chance that you and your partner have not consented to an open relationship, being infatuated with someone else can establish a sensitive issue. This can cause sensations of heartache and treachery for your present partner. Search for any signs you’re having a relationship based on emotions.

You may want to legitimize your conduct because of hidden blame. You may, for instance, need to console yourself continually by stating that you and this individual are “just companions” or consider defenses for investing energy with this individual.

You may likewise want to cover your tracks. In case you’re concealing something from your boyfriend/girlfriend, you might be behaving erroneously. You may, for instance, erase an SMS or lie to your partner about investing energy with the other individual.

Do you fanatically think or dream about this individual? Do you feel excited when you realize you will see this individual? Assuming this is the case, that is unquestionably a sign it’s emotional cheating.

2. Assess whether your affections for your partner are melting away.

In case you’re romantically involved with two distinctive people, this might be a premonition about your present relationship. In case you’re customarily simply ready to cherish each individual in turn, you might be dropping out of affection with your present partner.

How cheerful would you say you are in your present relationship? In the event that there have been issues for some time, your connection to someone else might be a premonition. Do you grumble about your partner to this individual? Do you share insights regarding your relationship issues you would retain from others?

Do you end up contrasting this individual with your partner? You may track down this new individual has characteristics you feel your partner needs. Is this individual totally different from your present partner? Provided that this is true, you might be hooking onto somebody totally unique on the grounds that your present relationship isn’t working.

3. Talk about your emotions with a specialist.

In case you’re battling with affections for another person, an advisor can be useful. On the off chance that your boyfriend/girlfriend expects loyalty, adoring someone else is an issue. A specialist can help you come up with some ways to figure out your emotions and continue in your relationship.

In case you’re not as of now seeing a specialist, you can get a reference for one through your customary specialist. You can likewise see what specialists are covered under your protection organization. In case you’re an undergraduate , you might be qualified for free counselling through your school.

On the off chance that you accept your relationship is in some hot water due to feelings outside your relationship, consider seeing a couples guide with your partner to deliberate on these issues.


4. Converse with your partner, in the event that you feel good doing that.

Sometimes, you might need to converse with your partner about how you’re feeling. In the event that you accept your emotions are a danger to your present relationship, you ought to have plunk down and converse with your partner about how to continue.

Pick the ideal opportunity to talk and dispose of disturbance and when you have the conversation. Ensure you turn off telephones and PCs. You ought to likewise endeavor to talk when neither you nor your partner have urgent outside duties.

Have compassion. It tends to be disheartening for your partner to hear you’re enamored with another person, and you would prefer not to reduce their grief. Permit your partner to feel what the person in question is feeling. For instance, don’t say something like, “A lot of persons have been where you’ve been and have gotten over it.” This may put on a show of being arrogant.

Structure a strategy together. You may choose it’s ideal to cut off the alliance, or to open up the relationship. Your partner may need you to reduce contact with the other party to save the situation. Whatever you choose, ensure you make decisions that both you and your partner consent to and completely comprehend.

5. Adapt to a relationship based on emotions.

If you had an illicit emotional relationship, you need to set aside effort to recuperate. It very well may be hard to grapple with the reality you were untrustworthy, regardless of whether it was not physical. You need to give yourself an opportunity to release the undertaking, and emphasize on your present accomplice over the other individual.

Attempt to plan times to consider the other individual. It might sound unusual, however it can really be useful to stare off into space and fixate on the object of your love for a set time frame every day. Attempting to never consider this individual may misfire. On the off chance that you give yourself a little space once every day, it might assist you with getting over this individual long-term.

Permit yourself an opportunity to lament the relationship. A non-actual relationship can be pretty much as cozy and close as an actual one. It will require some investment to lay calmly thinking about finishing the undertaking. It’s entirely expected to miss the individual in the result. Attempt to stay occupied and encircle yourself with companions.

Put resources into your present relationship. In the event that you’ve settled on the decision to remain with your present partner, you need to invest energy fixing any harm done by the emotional cheating. Spend a ton of one-on-one time with your partner. Attempt to turn out to be truly personal through sexual activities, nestling, and contact. Remind yourself why you fell head over heels for your partner in the first place, and why your relationship is awesome.


A monogamous relationship is only fair and ethical when there are strictly two persons involved in it. Consequently, including a third person to such a relationship will break the main point of the relationship in the first place. It is therefore vital to solve the problem of being emotionally connected to two persons on time, that is before you become deeply involved with the second person.

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