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All over the world, ginger is a nutritious and beloved spice that can be used to season a wide variety of foods and even drinks. Hence, it becomes necessary on many occasions to grate ginger when preparing certain delicacies and drinks.

Grating ginger can be a bit of a challenge to people who are not conversant with the act of doing it. Nevertheless, with the proper tutorial, you will realize that the process of grating ginger is not brain surgery.

With learning how to grate ginger, adding ginger gratings to your tomato stew or zobo drink will no longer be an issue.


Consequently, this article is aimed at enlightening the public on how to grate ginger effectively.


Some medical advantages of ginger include:

1. It aids in the fight against microbes, especially bacteria.

2. It keeps the mouth healthy due to its antibacterial action.

3. It soothes nausea and seasickness.

4. It makes arthritis symptoms significantly less painful.

5. It prevents the growth of cancer cells.

6. It lowers blood sugar levels.


A. Peeling the ginger.

1. Observe the ginger for softness or moistness.

Ginger should feel strong and ought not to have any weaknesses. Feel the root with your hands and search for observable spots of decay.

Stripped ginger will get dark around the edges when it begins to go bad.

2. Cut off the edges with the aid of a sharp knife.

Cut off the ends of the root with a sharp knife. Cutting somewhat off of each side will make it simpler to hold the ginger as opposed to working with an uneven shape.

Attempt to just slice off a little part from the edges so you don’t waste any of the useful ginger.

3. Strip the ginger with a peeling knife or vegetable peeler.

Place the ginger on one of its ends, and utilize a sharp knife or vegetable peeler to eliminate the remainder of the skin. Cut in a descending movement towards the cutting board. Make sure you attempt to eliminate as little of the skin as achievable.

Another way to go about this is by utilizing the edge of a spoon to shave the strip off fresh ginger. This functions admirably on the round portions that might be hard to reach with a knife.

4. Freeze the ginger so it’s less difficult to grind.

Stripped ginger ought to be put away in a fridge-tolerant resealable pack and can be preserved for 1 week. Frozen ginger is simpler to grind since it gets hardened.

Unpeeled ginger can be stored in the cooler for as long as 3 months. Give it an opportunity to defrost prior to stripping it.

Stripped ginger can be ground when it’s brought out of the refrigerator.

B. Utilizing a Grater.

1. Find a grater with a large surface area and finely carved openings.

It doesn’t make any difference in the event that it is handheld or a case grater. Keep away from graters that have metal stubs or teeth since they will be wasteful and commonly more difficult to use. These graters can be purchased at culinary stores.

Box grater

2. Hold the stripped ginger root so the fibers are in right angles to the grater.

The fibers in ginger run from the top to the lower part of the root. In the event that you grind from the top of the base, it’s presumable your grater will be clogged up. By holding the side against the grinding teeth, you’re ready to keep away from the strands getting caught.

If the teeth of the grater get clogged up, run it under warm water and use a wipe to rub the buildup away.

3. Drag the root of the ginger against the teeth of the grater.

In short to and fro movements, rub the ginger across the metal teeth. Apply even force per area with your fingers against the grater so the ginger strips uniformly.

Utilize a large enough piece of ginger so you don’t coincidentally cut your hands on the grater’s teeth. It takes 1 ¼ oz (35.4 g) of fresh ginger to make 1 tablespoon (14.3 g) of grated ginger.


Ginger is a very medicinal plant that makes an awesome space for your food and drinks. Endeavor to practice what you have learned today in reality and keep living healthy. Cheers!




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