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How To Prevent Food Poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning happens when you take in food with the virus, bacteria, poison, acid, or other toxic materials. The symptoms could be severe or not. Some of the symptoms include stooling, vomiting, retching, or gagging. There are ways to prevent or at least control food poisoning. Here are some tips:

Raw meats

Raw meats contain a bacteria

Cook your food properly to prevent food poisoning

Cooking your food thoroughly helps kill a lot of bacteria that can be found in the food. Raw meats contain a bacteria known as campylobacter, which can only be eliminated if you cook it properly. It’s also advisable not to wash the meat before cooking because the bacteria could spread around your kitchen.

Refrigerate leftover foods quickly.

Please do not leave them out for too long. Within an hour, your leftovers should be in the fridge. Do not warm up your food too much. Just once is enough.

Cross-check “best before” dates

It is essential always to check the manufacturing dates and, most importantly, the expiring date. Please pay attention to these dates and take them seriously.

Store meats in a different shelf or fridge compartment

Store meats in a different place from other fresh foods like vegetables, eggs, butter, pepper, tomatoes, fruits, etc. It keeps the bacteria from spreading all over the other food items.

Wash Your hands

Lather and clean your hands properly when handling foodstuffs in the kitchen. Wash your hands when you touch the bin or any dirt. For every little thing you do, wash your hands.

Wash your Kitchen utensils properly

Since you do not know what might have crawled on the utensils or, of course, specks of dirt might have settled on it, you need to wash it properly before use.

In conclusion, you need to keep everything in the kitchen clean to prevent food poisoning. It would be best if you watched what you eat and do with your hands. It would help if you also washed the table clothes and towels you use in the kitchen regularly.

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