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How To Prevent Financial Exploitation By Your Relatives


Although family members are meant to support each other in terms of need, sometimes some family members tend to take advantage of this privilege and rather choose to exploit others.

In almost every household, there is always that one person who is fond of exploiting and tormenting others financially.

If you happen to be experiencing this and you are at the losing end, you are in luck, ’cause this article will enlighten you on how to deal with this problem.


You can put an end to relative-based financial exploitation through the following ways:

1. Put down clear limits.

A family member who figures they can rely upon you for cash may have an ever increasing number of solicitations for help, regardless of whether their underlying solicitation was fundamental. In the event that you dread being exploited or being placed in a terrible circumstance, make a few limits. Be sure about how much cash you’re willing to gift or loan. In case you’re not happy with being a spinning stash, let your family members realize you’re willing to help them one time, then, at that point they need to realize another choice.

Tell them, “I’m eager to assist you; nonetheless, I don’t need this to happen always. In the event that you need cash later on, you should realize it elsewhere.”

2. Feel free to say “no.”

It’s your cash, and you have the last say over how it is spent. Regardless of whether your relative is in a terrible circumstance, you deserve the privilege to say no, in spite of whether they pressure you. You don’t need to give an explanation, simply say, “no.” You can in any case mind and support your relative without giving them cash.

You could tell them, “I realize you’re searching for monetary assistance, yet I’m not ready to help you as of now.”

Be cautious about saying, “This is the last time.” Multiple times can turn out the be the “last time,” so be firm and say “no”.

3. Manage their pressing factor.

On the off chance that you say no and your family member keeps pressuring you, realize how to react. Your relative may attempt to blame you or remove something you care about (like reception to your grandkids). Say that you comprehend what they need and they don’t have to coerce you into settling on a choice, which may make you start to disdain them. Ask them not to coerce you or blame you from here on out.

You could tell them, “I understand what you need, and there is no compelling reason to coerce me or blame me for giving you what you need.”

4. Consult elder care for assistance.

In the event that you are old and are being exploited, connect for local area support. Monetary abuse and maltreatment of the elderly sadly frequently comes from the individuals who are close to us, as they can utilize that cozy relationship to access your resources.

Kids and grandkids may exploit their elderly family members as an approach to get cash. On the off chance that you presume a relative is doing this to you, you can find support from somebody locally. Consult neighborhood support to assist you with evaluating the circumstance and find backing if important.

Albeit relatives are among the most widely recognized monetary victimizers to the old populace, they are by all account not the only ones. Guardians (home medical care specialist), neighbors, or experts (attorneys, investors, monetary guides) would all be able to commit monetary maltreatment.


Being wise about how you give out money is not the same thing as selfishness or stinginess, do not be misinformed. There is clearly a time for everything, notwithstanding a time to give out money and a time to hold onto money. Realizing this distinction will enable you build your economical intelligence. Thus, not giving money to your family members at certain times does not make you a wicked family member to them. The bottom line is know when to and when not to give them cash to prevent familial financial exploitation.

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