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How To Exercise Without Pains

What’s exercise?

Exercise is good for your body, and it keeps the body fit. Exercise makes you active and agile. It builds healthy bones. A lot of people need to understand that being slim doesn’t make you fit in any way. Do you get tired after walking a short distance? Can you even run at all? Even as you are slim, you need to keep that body trim and in shape. If care is not taken, you could lose your form.


Exercises keep you in form

How To Exercise without pains

Exercising is not as easy as most people make it. It hurts most times. When you start exercising, it would feel like a brick has been placed on your body. You might not be able to move for some time because of the pain. We’ve got some tips to help you deal with the pains.

1. You need to go slow with the exercise. One mistake people make is to go over their limits when they are just starting. Don’t do that. Take your time in building yourself. Start by doing comfortable things. If you feel the slightest pain, you can stop.

2. Take that walk. Walking helps a lot. It has a lot of benefits. Daily walks help you stay fit. You could talk a walk on your way to work after work.

3. To know the state your body is in, warm-up. That way, you’d be able to find out if you’ve sprained anything.

4. Only do exercises that you enjoy doing. You forget the pain when you are in love with your workouts.

5. As appealing and exciting online workout apps may be, it is not for everyone. Do not rely on it if you find it too unrealistic. Exercise at your own pace.


Take that walk

What to do to prevent pains

Apart from doing all these, it would be best if you also watched what you eat. There are some particular food substances which help with the pains.

1. Drink coconut water instead of the normal pure water. Coconut helps you to hydrate more

2. Eat a banana while exercising. After each hour, pop a banana into your mouth. It helps with the cramps in your muscles.

3. A foam roller can come in handy for massages. Get one.

4. Once you realize that you’re muscles are sore, get that warm, lovely bath.

Tips for Beginners


Wear comfortable shoes

For beginners, here’s what you should do when you get to the gym to prevent injury
1. Stretch and cool your body at the beginning and end of your workout

2. Keep drinking water as you exercise

3. Go to the gym with an experienced workout buddy.

4. Mix up your workouts. Don’t do routines

5. Eat before you exercise, not while exercising.

6. Wear protective gear. You are just a beginner, remember

7. Always ask questions and ask people around for help.

8. Pay attention to your workout instructor.

9. Start at a comfortable pace. Don’t go beyond your limit.

10. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably trainers

11. If you start to feel any pain at all, it’s a sign for you to stop.


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