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HowTod.NG website publishes news, information, gossip, opinions, and commentaries. The site includes both reported and edited content and moderated posts and comments containing the personal opinions of readers on a wide range of topics. Thus, HowTod.NG does not moderate, edit, screen or gatekeeper feedback and comments of/from its audience. The site does not warranty fairness of implied meanings, language accuracy and infringement from its audience.

It is important to note that any danger or risk encountered at the course of surfing or roaming HowTod.NG shall not be held against the site. HowTod.NG does not guarantee an interruption-free site. Loss of data or device virus attacks shall not be held against the site. The site is not liable to be held for damages such as loss of monetary values, defamation, slender or un-availability of information that may arise out of an inability to access other links.


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