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In reality, we do not get the chance of choosing our relatives, neither do we wish to have a family member who is a tough nut to crack. However, life does not always gives us candies and fragrant flowers.

You could be faced with the challenge of dealing with annoying family members to the extent of wishing they were never part of your family in the first place. Yes, most families on Earth always include that one person who is a torn in the flesh.

Hence, if you’re suffering from sharing your family name with a troublesome family member, just sit tight and stay attentive as I dish out the solution to the problem.


This article is aimed at providing concerned people with the best solution to the problem of dealing with difficult relatives.



You can turn that problematic relative of yours to a sweet and loving person by doing these:

1. Try to avoid panicking.

Family members can have an uncommon ability for getting under your skin. Notwithstanding, in the event that you permit that, you could very well detonate and compound the situation. Get your feelings leveled out when challenges emerge. Figure out how to perceive when you are losing control or anxious. At the point when you are set off, venture away to get some natural air, tally to feeling, or practice profound relaxing.

2. Be unequivocal by utilizing “I” articulations.

In the event that you have a disagreement with a troublesome relative, practice decisiveness to try not to be bullied. Say what you need to say in as couple of words as could really be expected. Use “I” explanations that permit you to take responsibility for sentiments and request what you need without causing protectiveness in the other individual.

For instance, you may say, “I don’t think it is fair when you speak for me. Could you if it’s not too much trouble, let me answer the questions myself?

3. Oppose the fit of remorse.

Manipulation is frequently utilized by troublesome relatives. Attempting to influence your choices by causing you to feel regretful is a type of psychological mistreatment. You don’t need to play into the snare.

Suppose your auntie attempts to cause you to feel blame by saying “Since I’ve travelled all the way here, I figured all of you would at any rate allow me to pick the menu for the occasion.”

You may react by saying, “Auntie Chinenye kindly don’t cause me to feel awful. We let you pick the confectionary and one of the dishes. We will decide on the remainder of the menu collectively.

4. Listen to what they need to say.

Have you truly listened to what your troublesome relative needs to say? Once in a while, all individuals need is to be heard. Additionally, there’s a possibility some piece of what the individual is saying is valid.

Effectively giving them audience may help them feel recognized and may empower you to work through a misconception.

In the event that your relative has the reputation of being troublesome, you might be neglecting what they have to say without really thinking. Set aside the effort to listen to them. Consider where they might be coming from and whether some part of their contention is correct.

5. Give them complete opportunity.

Some family members will complicate the circumstance since they frantically need to feel included. Permit your troublesome relative to have some work where they have unlimited control. Giving them a reason may keep them occupied and out of your mind.

For instance, if your cousin remains back and gripes when others are cooking, request that they put everything out on the table and clean up the sitting region.

6. Quit attempting to transform them.

It’s a harsh truth, however you must acquire acknowledgment about your troublesome family member. This implies relinquishing the dream that sometime they will appear and be an all out breeze to manage.

Accept their personality and the troubles that come with managing them. You can do this by practicing compassion for the individual. Bypass the decisions and regard who they are personally—regardless of whether you don’t actually agree with it.

You may discover that once you figure out how to understand them, managing them wouldn’t seem like a big challenge.

7. Search for their positive aspects.

Troublesome family members get negative criticism. They appear and everybody begins groaning constantly about their negative attributes. In the event that you center exclusively around the awful characteristics, you’ll pass up the great. Indeed, even the most exceedingly awful relatives have a decent side. Attempt to discover it.

For example, does your grumpy Uncle Kayode have a sweet-as-nectar spouse? On the off chance that he picked her, there should be something to be thankful for about him. Perhaps there’s a soft spot some place beneath the surface. Investing more energy with him may help you see it.

8. Plan to have a wonderful interaction.

You can change the manner in which you relate with a troublesome relative by setting a goal. Before you’re set to see them, reveal to yourself that you will focus on a simple, wonderful interaction. Accordingly, your cerebrum just may consider approaches to really get that going.

Say to yourself, for instance, “Lunch today with my parents-in-law will be fulfilling.

At that point, conceptualize a few different ways you can guarantee that it is a delightful gathering. Maybe you could think about a couple of impartial subjects for discussion or concoct a positive assertion to recap if things go sideways.


At this junction, dealing with a troublesome member if your family us not supposed to be a difficulty to you. Now, go out remodel that relative of yours according to your taste.



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