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How To Create Xml File Using RSS Feed

Rss feed

How to Create XML for an RSS Feed

RSS feed allows you to get discovered online. The whole meaning of RSS is (Really Simple Syndication). It makes your website marketable online, even if you are an expert or not. RSS won’t work if you don’t update your website and add content constantly. Where does XML come in? It would be best if you fed RSS with XML to be able to deliver data structure. Anyone with a bit of XML knowledge can create and document, and use it to promote blogs and websites.

an rss feed

An RSS feed

How to create a web page with RSS feeds

  1. Create an XML document that describes your RSS feed appropriately. It must contain a title (the feed’s title), link (the channel’s URL), and description (description of the channel).
  2. Change your channel title. The initial title you will see is My RSS channel. Please change it to a befitting topic. Also, change the description from “My RSS description” to a more explicit explanation. Change the URL also to
  3. Link your content to the feed. Input your website content’s URL in the feed and change the topic.

How To Publish

  1. Save the feed using a .xml extension and upload it. The document name must be in alignment with the feed topic.
  2. Submit your URL to any site that validates RSS feeds. It will also point out your mistakes.
  3. Submit your feed to a directory. This directory distributes your meal to visitors online. They send it to people as soon as they subscribe to your feed.


Creating the XML file using Kodi

The only type of RSS Feed that Kodi reads are .xml files
1. Start by creating a standard text file and rename it to RSSFeed.xml. By the way, you’re suppose to add your RSS Feed’s name. Which will be in blue in Kodi. After that, you can start adding “items,” shown when the text begins moving.

Again, you should put in the text you want to show. Your XML file has to contain three or more “items.” If not, Kodi will not read your RSS Feed. Finish the code by closing it.
2 You can have many more “items,” but make sure to have at least three of them.
3 Uploading your file
The final step is to upload your .xml file to a WebHost. It can be any host but make sure your file’s name has the extension .xml at the end of its name.
Please copy the link to your file and insert it into Kodi.

How to make a feed file using Microsoft.

Here is how you produce a feed file using the Microsoft spreadsheet. If you wish to use a text editor, make sure to use the desired attributes.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel or a different program.
  2. Create a header row within the initial row using the attribute names that may be accustomed to describe merchandise. Be sure every attribute is in its column, and you embrace all needed points.
  3. Enter your product supply data within the rows below the header row, using one row for every product. Each item’s attribute values should be listed within the same column because of the corresponding header attribute name. This implies a product’s id should be within the column with the header attribute “id.”
  4. Save your program as a tab-delimited excel file. If utilizing Microsoft excel, save as Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt).

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