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How To Create A Facebook Account

How to create a facebook account

How To Create A Facebook Profile

Everyone uses social media these days. It would be weird not to be among them. You’d even feel left out. Social media is a community on its own, especially Facebook. Facebook is a vast network. A lot of people are on it. Facebook is not just used to stay connected to friends and family. You can promote your businesses and learn a lot from this network. Different groups have different niches where you share ideas, learn new things, and advertise your products. Facebook also has sponsored ads to enable you to reach more people and generate leads. These features have made Facebook one of the most popular social media platforms today. There are a whole lot of reasons why you should create a Facebook profile account.

How to create a facebook account

Creating a Facebook account

You know the importance of creating a Facebook account. This is probably why you want to join the Facebook gang. Here are steps to create a Facebook account both your personal or even business profile:

Sign up for facebook

Sign up for facebook

How To create a personal profile

A personal profile is more accessible to create than a business page. You’d need to know the following information:

  1. Your Full name
  2. Your Nickname (optional)
  3. Date of birth and gender
  4. Your phone number or email
  5. A password

Once you’ve completed and filed the correct information, click on create an account. Facebook will start your account immediately. You do not just stop there. You have to make your profile unique.

The first step is to upload a profile picture and cover picture. The photo used should represent your image or business. You can use any picture of yourself as long as it’s of good quality and about 180 pixels. The profile picture is round, while the cover picture is rectangular. The cover picture should depict some illustrations, or write-up, or a hobby or landscape. It is due to the limited size of the image it requires.

After selecting and uploading a profile picture and cover picture, the next step is to fill your biographical information. Here, you describe yourself, your hobbies, and your interests. You also fill in essential statements like your school, course, where you live, your family, and other events.

The next step is to add friends. Add people you know. You can start by adding a few of your friends and families. Facebook will help you find people you may know by scrutinizing your friend’s list and suggesting mutual friends.

You can also join groups with mutual interests like yours and make new friends. Be careful, though; Facebook is a community for everyone, including scammers and criminals. Be wise in making friends.

Now that you’ve done all mentioned, it’s time to add new content. Click on publish. Then, you get to choose if you want to post a text, a picture, or a video. You also get t select if it is a public post or private (visible to your friends alone) or to one of the groups you joined. 

creating a business page

How To Create a Business page

  1. Go to the page creation page:
  2. Choose the type of page you want to create. 
  3. Choose the name of your page. 
  4. Choose the profile and cover image. 
  5. Choose whether you want to reply to messages sent to you by other users automatically.
  6. Complete the information on your page. Fill in: general, contact (phone, web, email, and related links), location (only for businesses with physical locations), and schedule.
  7. Customize the tabs that are displayed on the page and add a call to action button

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