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Our copyright policy is meant to resist any individual that- may wish to involve in any of the following regarding some contents in this website without concrete permission:

  • Copy any unauthorized content of this website to another website
  • Copy any unauthorized content of this website and put it in a hard copy in the form of textbooks, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Claim Ownership of unauthorized content found on the website without notification
  • Copying and paraphrasing the whole contents of this website without serious altering of words, sentence, and paragraphs.

All the points listed above shall be regarded as copyright infringement. If we did not give the user permission to do so.

To obtain any permission, please email us @: 

Info @ HowTod.NG

contact: +2348068473122 through WhatsApp only.

When we say “CONTENT” we mean all the “ARTICLES”, “IMAGES”, ”VIDEOS”, ”NEWS”, & ”BLOGS” on this website “HOWTOD.NG”

However, when deemed necessary for our visitors’ better user experience; there may be free contents such as photos, and articles that we may publish on this website and that may have appeared on another website. Note; we do that with clear permission from the content owners. Hence it is necessary you do the same with us.

If you feel and believe that any part of the content in this website is/was collected from your website or material without permission please email us at info@HowTod.NG, so that it can be removed as a matter of urgency if the claim is found to be true.

Thank you for your understanding.


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