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How To Childproof Your Home


Ways to childproof your home

Children can be a whole lot, we know. They expose themselves to different hazards, especially when they start crawling and moving around the house. There’s no way you can know where your child’s hands would reach. Trust me. Those little people are full of surprises. You need to childproof your house three months before your baby arrives. It would help if you made the home safe. When your baby starts crawling, you need to re-babyproof the house.

Baby in a basket

Baby in a basket

Tips to childproof your house

Before your baby starts crawling around, you need to childproof your house. You mostly do this to protect yourself while the baby is in your hands. The slippery ground might cause you to fall with the baby in your hands. It would be best if you watched out for this. We’ve provided a checklist for you to ensure that you leave no stone unturned.

1. Keep smoke detectors around the house in case any fire start. You can be notified on time.
2. Keep the fire extinguisher close. You must be able to use it.
3. Make sure your first aid kit has all you need
4. Place non-slip pads under the rings to prevent you from falling
5. Ensure that every drawer and windows, and doors have a latch and keep it locked at all times
6. Unplug and hide every electrical appliance that is not in use
7. Your baby wipes and napkins should be reachable at all times.
8. Weeks before you give birth, ensure that you are done with painting. Those paint fumes are harmful.
9. Blankets, pillows, and toys should not be in your baby’s crib. They could use it to harm or strangle themselves
10. Check all furniture in your baby’s nursery if it’s wobbling, bad, and needs to be changed

There are different tips for the other rooms in the house.

Living room

1. Cover the glass table or put it away where your child can not access it. Glass edges can injure your child badly
2. Keep matches, lighters, and candles away from your child’s reach
3. Remote control should be kept out of their reach as well.
4. Do not get little toys for your baby until five years of age
5. Power strips and wires should be hidden or covered
6. Mount your tv on the wall
7. Photo frames should be placed high and out of reach to prevent glass shattering and your child from getting injured


Baby playing

Baby playing

1. Cribs should be fixed upright.
2. All windows in the room should have a guard
3. There should be no cords on the window blinds
4. Balloons and crayons should be out of your child’s reach
5. All heavy furniture should be attached to the wall or floor


1. The kitchen should be locked at all times. your toddler shouldn’t even enter
2. Lock your cabinets and dishwasher
3. Keep microwave away from the child
4. You should use an oven latch together with the settings to keep it locked
5. Keep cutleries and other small appliances away.


1. Cover the tub faucet
2. Get a wastebasket with no liner
3. Keep the bathroom door from closing completely
4. Wipe up puddles on the floor
5. Keep the toilet seat close
6. Keep pills and toiletries locked away

Keep the crib safe

Keep the crib safe

Tips to baby-proof your car

Baby-proofing doesn’t work for homes alone. Your baby is going to be in your car as well, so you need to baby-proof it. You need to check your car for tiny details. Here are some tips:

1. Check your car for tiny, harmful objects your baby could choke on and dispose of it.
2. Get your rear-facing car seat inspected and approved. Install it in the middle seat of your car
3. Use Sunshades (stick-on) on the back windows to prevent the rays of the sun from getting in.

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