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A big belly is not a natural occurrence as some people may assume. Your lifestyle will define the type of belly you will have. For instance, athletes hardly get big belly even after retirement.

The surprising thing is that some of the athletes’ parents have big belly but it never showed on their upspring. Though the regular exercise associated with the athlete’s lifestyle contributed immensely to the flat belly, there are another lifestyle you probably did not know.


Do you know that it is easier to get a big belly than to get a flat belly? Though hunger can make someone have a flat belly that is not the case here. The flat belly I mean is the one created as a result of a healthy lifestyle not out of hunger.

Meanwhile, a flat belly coming from hunger usually cause a general poor look not just on the belly but the entire body so I am not referring to such a flat belly.

If want to get and keep a flat belly, in other words, if you want to get rid of a big belly are tips you need to know:



One easy way of keeping a flat belly is to avoid eating late at night. This habit can be difficult to control if you are a very busy person such that you always return home late. If you must eat late at night then consider light food such as licking of soup, chewing of fruits, or take very little of normal food. The whole idea is to ensure that your stomach is not heavy while going to sleep.

Digestion is always slow during the night hour because you have fewer activities unlike during the day. Therefore eating heavy food that could take a long time to digest will not be helpful rather will help to add weight to your stomach and make it easily become bigger than normal afterwards.




Another habit is eating at midnight hour. Though not everyone is involved in this habit, it is normal to see some persons indulge in the habit of eating food at midnight hour for one reason or the other. The reality is that such a habit could become additive, though circumstances may introduce such a lifestyle to you, you have the responsibility of controlling it before it becomes a habit.

If you eat fruits and light foods at the midnight it may not impact much in big belly development like when you eat normal food that can make your belly heavy at midnight.

Midnight eating is a sure way of getting a big belly especially when it has become a regular habit.




Though this is very common if you don’t embark on regular exercise and form the habit of eating until you feel overloaded. There is no specified amount of food you can consume but eating moderately helps to keep you in shape. Overeating causes a big belly by expanding the stomach tissue and causing it to become very elastic such that too much food can be contained in the stomach and that can be achieved by making the stomach bigger than normal.

The easy way to curb such situations, eat moderately and do regular exercise that strengthens the stomach tissue rather than making it very elastic and weak. Once you are able to have a thick and strong flat stomach, it could become difficult to overfeed yourself.




One way you can ensure you wake up the following day with a flat tummy is to always include digestive fruits such as pineapple, pawpaw, watermelon, etc. in your dinner. Such fruits help your food to digest very fast before going to bed which is the main lifestyle that can promote a flat tummy.

Practising this regularly will make the morning to be very light and provide a good experience in the use of the toilet every morning.  You stand the chance of having good health as well as a flat belly altogether. This is a secret of some celebrities to look extremely attractive with good body shape.




This is the major cause of big belly for regular alcohol drinkers. Regular consumption of beer is a quick way of gaining stomach weight.  For some unknown reasons to me, those taking too much beer especially during the night hour tend to have a big belly. Such habit makes it very difficult to gain a flat belly even when the victim embarks on regular exercise, fruits consumptions, and other remedy practices.

In other words, for the remedy to work, the habit of too much beer consumption has to stop.




This is the inevitable and obvious habit generally agreed by every profession to help anyone get a flat belly. Though exercises differ, some aim at building muscle, strengthening thighs, and lots more while some aim at helping the stomach to remain flat.

Those that form the habit of doing exercise regularly usually develop a flat tummy by default without specifically focusing on building a flat tummy. Except in a case where the wrong lifestyle is included, regular exercise will help to keep your body shape in order including a flat belly.


From the above list of expected lifestyle, you can now make the necessary decision in making your dream of having a flat tummy a reality. Do not forget that the highlighted points may be just a few to what you could see somewhere else.


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