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Best Preparation Tips For An Early Morning School Examination

Preparation Tips For An Early Morning School Examination

Examinations taken around 6 am to 9 am could be tagged as early morning examinations. Such exam is common the tertiary institutions, from semester course test to the end of semester course exams, whichever one be the option, tit will be classified as an early morning examination.

Early morning examination is one of the best choices for most students. It is believed to be the best time to take an examination of the most difficult courses/subjects associated with any examination. Most students in higher institutions prefer such time for their examinations, especially in calculation courses.

The early examination also helps the lecturers and exam invigilators because of the calmness associated with the conduct of it. For example, statistics showed that most quiet exams that get the invigilators and students well-relaxed are early morning examinations.

As a student preparing for an early morning examination, here are things you need to do to get yourself prepared:


Sleep is one of the ways of relaxing the veins and the body’s nerves. It helps to get the brain cells revived and strengthen the brain functions. It also helps to relieve stress from the body. The overall benefits of sleep make it necessary for everyone to prepare for early morning examinations.

Taking at least eight hours of sleep before embarking on an early morning examination helps the brain to recall information. And this is ideal if you have read the necessary materials for the course and need to remember the information you have read in the exam hall.

Spend time to read thoroughly before the night of the morning examination, and go to bed early to have deep sleep that could last up to eight hours. This gets your body relaxed and relieved from accumulated stress from the reading. It also helps your brain to revive more cells and be able to recall more information.


Taking a deep bath is another way of reviving your body cells for the new day and helps to give you some freshness that is good to get you relaxed for the examination.

Deep baths could be done with either cold water or warm water. If the temperature is too cold, you can go ahead with warm water but if it is normal or hot you can choose cold water bathing.

Any of the options you choose should be what is convenient to you. You should avoid causing too much cold to your body or too much hotness to your body try to ensure that your body is at its average/normal temperature before going for the examination.

Deep bath means taking prolonged bathing with enough water giving time for the water temperature to have a good effect on the overall temperature of the body after bathing.


Eating defines how ready you are for the examination. It is advisable to avoid food if possible or take very light food like tea if possible. The brain consumes less blood during food digestion and the brain needs enough blood to function effectively.

To keep the brain in its optimum ability, avoid eating heavy food before embarking on early morning examination because it will decrease the brain function by reducing the blood flow to the brain due to digestion of the food taking place at that moment. Leaving your stomach empty and taking a cup of coffee and milk without adding sugar, or normal chocolate tea with two slices of bread will be of immense help.


Though too much consumption of coffee has its disadvantages, it is recommended to take coffee at moderate measures because of the advantages it offers. Moderate consumption of coffee reactivates weak cells, increases blood flow to different parts of the body including the brain, and helps to keep you focused, and lots more. Due to these benefits, it is recommended to take a sip of coffee mixed with milk, one teacup or half teacup will be enough.

Moderate consumption depends on individuals and their health status, if your health condition will not be good for coffee consumption you can reduce the quantity to the lowest level. You can add moringa powder to the coffee to counter some of the disadvantages such as high blood pressure, an increase of ulcer condition, and few others since moringa powder act as a cure for those problems, mixing it with your coffee and milk will not be a bad idea.


Revision is very necessary for every exam, it is simply revisiting some of the summaries you have made earlier before starting the exam. Based on this, it is advisable to arrive in the exam hall at least one hour earlier, spend some time to revisit the summary of the subject/course you have made in your jotter or handy notebook.


As it is usually said that ‘Punctuality is the soul of a business. Being punctual means being in the required place on time. It means keeping to time. Examinations require punctuality not only for the purpose of starting when others are starting, good punctuality is part of exam preparation because it helps to keep you relaxed and create time for revision before the exam starts.

It is recommended to arrive at the venue of the exam at least one hour earlier and use the time to revise your summary just to help refresh your memory before the exam questions arrive.


As it is popularly said ‘There is time for everything’ such implies to examinations too. While you have all the time to discuss and share knowledge during normal classroom reading and classes such is not the same when it is time to write any examination.

As a rule, it is recommended to avoid talking too much on the morning of the examination. Talking will make it easy to forget the information you have accumulated in your brain. Rather, spend time for revision and consult any material you might have mixed to read as fast as possible.


0rganising yourself at the exam hall is the perfect way of ensuring you will not be distracted once the exam commences. To achieve it, get all the materials you will need ready before the arrival of the paper.

If the paper requires a calculator, drawing tools, and any other material, ensure you have those items handy so that you can use them if the need arises.

While on the examination, do not attempt to borrow or allow someone to distract your attention by borrowing from you. It is a poor preparation that can lead you to borrow in the examination hall.

As part of the preparation, you can check for any form of defect or failure on the materials you intend to use for the examination. For instance, you can check the calculator and pencil sharpener for any problem before taking them to the exam hall.

Now you have known all these secrets, you should be able to perform better in any examination.

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