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Best Performing Cryptos Of 2021

Cryptocurrencies trading & investments

It’s 2021 and Cryptocurrencies are everywhere! Cryptocurrency as a commodity to be invested in the financial markets has gained momentum. In addition, the constantly increasing number opens up abundant opportunity for investors. 

However, figuring out which one stands out can be tricky. These are some of the crypto currencies that’s has dazzled this year 2021.

  1. Dogecoin – The Explosive Crypto Currency of 2021

With its staggering 10,000% growth, Dogecoin is determined to make 2021 its mark. This cryptocurrency that started out as a joke has become a serious competitor in the market. Here are its highlights for 2021:

Its entry into the top 10 crypto currencies in terms of market capitalization for the year 2021.
A capitalization having exceeded 65 billion by mid-May 2021.
Support by great personalities like Elon Musk helps maintain his popularity.
Its strong presence in the real economy, it is used as a means of financing for SpaceX currently. A crypto currency oriented very general public.

  1. Safemoon – The Most Popular Sacred Crypto Currency in 2021

The interest shown by investors in Safemoon has enabled it to consolidate itself as one of the most stable crypto currencies on the market. Although being a purely speculative product, it is nonetheless devoid of any reliability. Here are Safemoon’s arguments for doubting her in 2021

It does not know a large variation since it is not a highly volatile crypto.

It can serve as a basic refuge because of the apparent stability of its course. That is to say that we can keep the coins long enough without having the fear of seeing their prices drop quickly.

It values ​​user loyalty through the bonus for crypto holders. This is done by 2 means, 5% of the taxes applied on resales go to the holders. The second way is to gain tokens by keeping only your coins.
Its great facility to generate liquidity instantly.

This tour de force is possible, because the various transactions issued on its blockchain automatically participate in generating liquidity.

  1. Shiba Inu – Dogecoin’s Killer Crypto Currency Asserting itself in 2021

This cryptocurrency, self-proclaimed the killer of Dogecoin, seeks to compete with the super-rookie of 2021. Its creators have indeed openly proclaimed this objective. It must be said that the crypto currency Shiba Inu indeed has weighty arguments to assert its place of crypto to follow for this year 2021:

Its exceptional growth of 10,000% brings it very close to its great rival.

Its astronomical rising points, like the one recorded on May 8, 2021, was still traded $ 0.000002 and by the morning of May 11 it had reached $ 0.000032.

The presence of a large community which is dedicated to making it proliferate to the maximum.

  1. Uniswap – A Resounding Return in 2021

Although having experienced a phase a little less glorious, because finding itself in the shadow of Ethereum. She managed to get off on her own recently. It was Ethereum’s disappointments that paved the way for it.

It has indeed achieved the feat of exceeding the costs of the Bitcoin blockchain by reaching $ 4.5 million in one day.

  1. PancakeSwap – The Crypto Holder of the 2021 Transactions

It solves by posing as much less expensive and also much on the market of decentralized exchanges. Pancakeswap therefore succeeds in being much more attractive during a period when the transaction fees practiced on the Ethereum network are highest.

Criteria for Identifying a Crypto Currency to Monitor?

To know which crypto currency to invest in the future, you have to know certain identification criteria. Investing is not a game of chance, it requires extensive market analysis. Indeed, being highly volatile, cryptocurrency opens up a great opportunity for a competent investor, but presents a big risk for a beginner. We therefore suggest that you use the following elements as crypto currency identification criteria to monitor:

Its credibility: an active crypto that has a future often enjoys great popularity, which thus increases the interest of different users. For virtual currency to be recognized it must be used by a large number of consumers. It is an important indicator for any investor.

Its seniority : this is not necessarily a necessary criterion for all investors. Indeed, it all depends on the type of investment you want to practice. If one wishes to make a long-term investment the best sustainability and increasing stability of the cryptocurrency are absolutely necessary, on the other hand if it is for the short term then be content to invest during the intervals when it is most. profitable is enough.

Its capitalization : this is the indicator of the popularity of the crypto currency. It is obtained by calculating the reserves of the crypto currency present in circulation and multiplying them by the price. This makes it possible to appreciate the stock market valuation of the crypto currency.

Its course : that is to say the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency against another real or even virtual currency. This can serve as a means of comparison between the different crypto assets in circulation.

Why Invest in Crypto Currency At All?

With the Covid 19 crisis, the use of crypto currencies has increased significantly. This means that virtual currencies tend to be more and more legitimate among the population. Of course, this remains a risky business, but there is a measure to deal with it.

If we are aware of the strong instability of crypto currencies which can either have a meteoric rise or decline rapidly from one day to the next. The best way to deal with this is to know how to invest in crypto currencies with high potential, they are the only ones that should hold your attention.

For this it is necessary to pay careful and constant attention to the crypto currencies to follow and in particular the most recent prices.

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