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How To Avoid Break-ins

Ways to prevent break-ins

Home burglary or break-ins can occur at any time, to any person irrespective of your position. Break-ins mainly happen when the homeowners are not at home, on vacation, or at night.

Some things attract burglars to your home. You might consider them harmless, but these cat-eyed people are watching and taking notes. Things like:

Your movement pattern

These burglars watch you like a hawk to figure out your pattern; when you go out when you return home, when you take out the trash.

Trashes and toys

Kids do not put away their toys when playing. This could draw the attention of burglars. If your child’s toys are so expensive, it leaves them wondering what more could be inside your house. Also, trash is another way to invite burglars into your home. If the burglar sniffs around your trash and discovers expensive cartons, he/she would take an interest in you.


If your mails keep piling up when you are out on vacation, it raises suspicion, and the burglar realizes that you are genuinely not around. He then sees it as a perfect opportunity to rob your home.


Opened windows are like invitations. It is as if you invite the burglar to spy into your home and learn things like your security codes and other personal stuff.

Hedges and bushes

It becomes the perfect hiding spot for burglars if you have thick bushes or untrimmed hedges around you.

For this reason, you’ll need home security. Although having a security system or alarm might not be able to hold them off. Here are six tips you could use to protect your home:

breaking into a home

how to avoid break-ins

Change your locks

If you move into a new home or apartment, make sure to change all the locks in the house. Also, if you misplace your keys and later find them, change your locks. Better safe than sorry.

Always close your door.

If you are leaving your home, make sure to close and lock your house. If you are also entering, close the door. If you have any concerns about the security or poor lighting, you can complain to your property manager.

Trim the Bushes around

Ensure you trim the bushes and hedges around your home that could serve as hiding places for the burglars.

Keep your travels off social media.

It would be best if you learned to keep things to yourself. Social media is a world on its own. You don’t know who’s stalking you or watching you. To avoid being robbed, avoid announcing your travel dates and events.

Are you going off on an extended vacation? Make your home look like you’re still around.

If you know you are going on an extended vacation, you can make your home appear like you are still home. How can you do this? Do not post pictures of your travels until you get back. Allow someone to tend to your garden, your mails, or shovel your snow while you are gone. Leave one car out. There is a lot more you could do.

Keep your windows and garages close.

Keep them locked at all times. It would help keep your valuables out of sight.

If you notice any suspicious moves or a person lurking around your home, call the police or alert your neighbors. It might make you seem paranoid, but at least you are safe.

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