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Paul Olaleye

Paul is a Linguist from University of Ilorin. He is an active member of the group of great reporters here. Paul is a writer, a boy scout and a fluent English Speaker and have written more than 50 Poems of which many has been published online. He helps to write short stories, comics, songs and articles online.  He make use of social media, like Linkedin fiverr, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram to project his skills of writing to his readers. above all he is a God fearing man. What we are: We are a team of Nigerians. We are determined to keep you informed on current happenings in Nigeria and beyond @ Please share, comment, and subscribe to our channels for steady updates of new posts. If you want all the latest news notification subscribe to our email list and/or You can follow us via social media platforms: Follow, Like, and Subscribe to our Social Networks by clicking the links: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, to keep you updated.     YOU CAN CO-AUTHOR THIS POST BY MODIFYING/CONTRIBUTING MORE USING THIS FORM [tt-submit-post]

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