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Adeniyi Pelumijoel

About the Author: Adeniyi Pelumi Junior, a graduate of BA Linguistics at Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria. He is a versatile writer in the business of writing, with almost 5 years experience now on writings cutting across articles and essays on socio-political happenings on the African continent, he has become to no little degree grounded in this art. Thus, he has gained an ample of experience: the wealth of knowledge on writing on things of salient socio-political discourse in Africa, and more.  We are a team of Nigerians. We are determined to keep you informed on current happenings in Nigeria and beyond @ Please share, comment, and subscribe to our channels for steady updates of new posts. If you want all the latest news notifications subscribe to our email list and/or You can follow us via social media platforms: Follow, Like, and Subscribe to our Social Networks by clicking the links: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, to keep you updated."   YOU CAN CO-AUTHOR THIS POST BY MODIFYING/CONTRIBUTING MORE USING THIS FORM [tt-submit-post]

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