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How To Prevent Athletic Injuries

Ways to prevent athletic injuries

If you are into sports, there are 50% chances of you getting injured or spraining any part of your bones. Here are ways you can prevent athletic injuries:

Athletic injuries

Avoid playing when you have injuries

First of all, you need to open up to your parents and coaches when you get injured. What you think is a minor injury might develop into a severe one. Also, avoid playing when you are injured. Wait until you are healed fully before you enter the field. It’s good for your mental health and body.

Warm up before playing

Warm up before playing

Stretch and exercise before playing

Before playing on the field, make sure you exercise and stretch out your muscles. Exercise is good for the body, and it keeps you fit. It also strengthens your bones and muscles. You need to exercise and stretch out those muscles before your sports activities.

Wear protective gears

helmets used to protect the head

Wear protective gears

Hand gears

Wear protective apparels

You need to think safe and protect yourself. Use protective gear like helmets, arm pads, knee pads to keep yourself safe and prevent athletic injuries. Helmets protect the head. Some sports might require you to protect your eyes, mouth, wrist, or body. In football, cleats are worn on foot to prevent injuries. Wear your protective gear always, even when you are just practicing.

Learn the rules of the games and pay heed to it

It’s important you learn and study the rules of the games and pay heed to them. Most of the rules are in place to prevent injuries among players, while others are for fouls and gain points. Either way, you need to pay close attention to the rules. Also, pay attention to your co-players words and actions. It would help prevent collisions and minor accidents that might lead to extensive injuries.

Now that I’ve listed all these tips, I hope you follow them religiously. If you do, you might not visit the hospital for a long time except for minor, regular checkups.


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