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How to ask a guy to be your boyfriend


Love is a strong force that affects both male and female humans. Since love is not a respecter of gender, accordingly profession of love should not be also bound by gender.

It is not irrational or weird for a lady to take the initiative to ask a gentleman she loves to be her boyfriend.

At times a guy may be in love with a lady who is also romantically interested in him, but because he is not interpreting her cues and emotions properly, he will fail to realize that she in turn loves him and choose not to bother to ask the girl out. In a case such as this, it will be much appreciated if the lady professes her feelings to the guy and ask him to be her boyfriend.


Consequently, this write-up is intended at intimating ladies on how to ask a gentleman out.


This could be achieved through the following ways:

1. Strategize beforehand.

It will be simpler for you on the off chance that you know when you will pose the question. You can rehearse the discussion early, or you can recognize the right second to bring the issue up. There is no one ideal time to request that a gentleman be your partner. Judge your own conditions cautiously.

Some persons plan an extraordinary date and hold this discussion toward the end of the date. Others track down that this discussion comes most normally when they are hanging out together alone. In any case, pick a decent day timely.

Try not to ask when the guy is tired, angry, or occupied. He might be shocked by the question, and this could influence his answer negatively.

In the event that you are feeling apprehensive, restless, or jumpy, you can rehearse what you will say beforehand. In a mirror, have a go at beginning the discussion and posing the question.

2. Meet face-to-face.

It very well may be enticing to text or message a person to ask him, however these questions are best managed face-to-face. Talking face-to-face permits you to analyze various choices for your relationship. On the off chance that there are any questions or concerns the person has, you can oversee them together.

In case you’re in a long distance relationship, it may be difficult to get together face-to-face. If you can have this discussion during a visit, you should delay until the end prior to asking, on the off chance that you get an adverse answer. In the event that you can’t ask face-to-face, calling him is the following most ideal alternative.

3. Decide a decent spot for discussion.

There is no one perfect spot to have the relationship discussion, yet it’s anything but where you can both express your emotions and discuss your future together. Consider what is appropriate for you and the person.

You ought to most likely have this discussion while both of you are separated from everyone else. You may suggest the question during a stroll on the beach, at the recreation center, or in any of your houses.

In the event that there is a spot that is remarkable to both of you—like the site of your first date or a most loved statue – , you may decide to have the discussion there to make it important.

Ensure that the person isn’t diverted. Try not to ask him during a film, while you are out with companions, or when he is working.

In the event that you ask him while you are in the vehicle or eating at an eatery, he may feel shocked. Rather, have the discussion at a place where you are both relaxed.


4. Present the question at the right time.

While chilling on your arranged day, you should zero in on remaining relaxed. Delay until a decent moment to present the subject. Hang tight briefly for the moment that feels “right” or “unique”. If you are experiencing issues with this, you can follow some fundamental rules.

On the off chance that he commends you, you may commend him back, beginning a discussion on what you appreciate about one another. This is a characteristic route into the relationship conversation.

In the event that there is a time of speechlessness, you may raise the question. Say how cheerful you are at the time, and check whether the discussion could be brought up.

Toward the end of your date or hang out, you can start by saying, “Hello, before you go, I needed to converse with you about something.”


5. Observe if your guy will bring it up first.

On the off chance that finding time to call him your “boyfriend” isn’t too high a need, think about holding on to check whether your guy makes reference to it first. This likewise assists you with learning about whether your desired partner is okay with utilizing titles or names to characterize your relationship. This may be a decent alternative if you are controversial about your emotions or in the event that you believe that he is unsure about the relationship.

Try not to look out perpetually for your guy to raise the question. Put it down on the calendar for yourself before you ask him. For instance, you may allow him a month prior to asking him yourself.


Note that asking a guy out yourself does not make you a cheap or lesser woman. In fact, the opposite is the case because the fact that you can woman up and ask a guy to be your boyfriend shows that you are a courageous and classy boss lady. Hence, feel free to ask your beloved guy to be your beau today. Cheers!



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